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Sharing some of the custom resources I've made for my College of Winterhold overhaul.

Permissions and credits
See this art used in:
Apepi's Better College of Winterhold
ABCoW: Special Edition Version

This zip contains:
  • Meshes
  • Textures
  • An example ESP that can be merged into another mod. All assets implemented as statics and names start with apepi_

Spent a lot of time making things for my own mod. I'm really happy with it and I wanted to share.

Details & Credits:
  • Open books and art frames are inspired by and based on Blary's Open Books and Ingrediant Wall Art.
  • The anatomical studies from Da Vinci's sketch books.
  • Two of the wall hangings are from TES4: Oblivion's Oghma Infinium/Mysterium Xarxes
  • Three wall hangings are from TES5: Skyrim's Shalidor's Insights and A Minor Maze.
  • The dwemer related items were created by me, but are based on pieces from TES3: Morrowind. dA Gallery for more specific details on individual pieces.

Tools Used:
  • Creation Kit
  • Photoshop + nVidia DDS plugin
  • Paint Tool SAI
  • nifskope

Do not re-upload this resource.

This resource is freely given to the Skyrim community to use and alter for your own free mods.  I do not give permission to use this asset in works behind a paywall.

Mod authors requesting donations/patreon/ko-fi/etc are allowed so long as their mods are not hidden behind paywalls as above. If anyone can download it, then it's cool.

A link back in your credits is appreciated. And please, do leave a message if you use this! I'd love to see your work!