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A complete reworking of the Abandoned Prison.

Permissions and credits
Beta Release Version 1.3b
**I cannot add Bookshelves,or Weapon Racks. I attempted to do so with v1.2 and they did not work.**
**There are lighting bugs that I cannot correct.**
**Patches would be greatly appreciated**

Things this mod does
  • Removes most rubble from the Abandoned Prison.
  • Adds storage, smithing station with all amenities, alchemy station,staff enchanter, and enchanting table, and two Mannequins.
  • Changes the name of the Abandoned Prison to Skamp's Claw Keep and makes the map marker immediately visible. It also changes the map marker to Castle Karstaags.
  • Adds a female Orc Follower. Stats aren't modified, I suggest using AFT. 
  • Adds Duplicate of Greathall from the Dragonborn DLC. (Note: I cannot Change the name of the cell, I've attempted it and it doesn't change for me). 

Things that will later be included
  • Bookshelves & Weapon Racks
  • Unique Weapons & Armor (Stat altered generic armor sets, nothing fancy).
  • More rugs & Decor
  • Possible expansions to the structure.
  • Several Followers, it is a big place after all (and I put all those cots there..)

Additional Notes

  • The skeletons aren't supposed to be there, there also should be no drip effects or low-mist. If any of these are present try changing the load order. 
  • This is 100% compatible with Alternate Start.
  • This mod is not compatible with Skyrim Special Edition, and will not be ported.
  • Version 1.3b was edited with Creation Kit 2.0; functionality for compatability with SSE has not been tested. Please report any bugs that you encounter. 

I am looking for suggestions for this mod so if you have any, please let me know.