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Replaces character effect shaders like the green glow used by armor spells with an invisible version.

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Ftreach did most of the work with his mod No More Glowing Edges. This is just an update I made that includes ShieldSpellHitFX. Why? Because it was being used by some items in More Interesting Loot (and maybe items from other things, I don't know, I didn't check) as a persistent shade effect, and I want to run away from that garish green glow. (Update: Now includes MagicArmorOakFleshFXS, MagicArmorStoneFleshFXS, MagicArmorEbonyFleshFXS, and MagicArmorIronFleshFXS that were reinstated by Cutting Room Floor.)

This mod works the same as No More Glowing Edges: It makes some ugly glowy magic effect shaders on your character INVISIBLE, such as the stuff you get from armor spells, absorb spells, and healing spells. It is not tied to any particular spells, so any mod-added enchantments, spells, ANYTHING that causes the shader to be applied, it simply has no graphical effect. (In fact, I made this because I wanted to turn off the ugly green glow caused by a mod-added item.) I'll update if I find any more ugly effects to turn off.

--full credit to Ftreach for doing 99% of the work--

Installation Instructions:

Use your mod manager of choice or literally just stick the esp in your data folder and checkmark the box in data files from your Skyrim launcher. Load order shouldn't matter except in the rare case that some other esp changes these particular effect shaders. Remove No More Glowing Edges, if you have it, because it's redundant, and ignore the warning when you load your game.

SSE Version is here.