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Added: 18/07/2017 - 02:50PM
Updated: 11/08/2017 - 01:37PM

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Last updated at 13:37, 11 Aug 2017 Uploaded at 14:50, 18 Jul 2017

I have been authorized by three authors
CR Enb by abc75179778300
Esc-ENB by yesypb2
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All versions have the perfect support for COT weather, adding lenses, raindrops, icing and other special effects.  ZERO's ENB is based on CR ENB 0.251, using the weather data and depth of field of ESC and DAHAKA's ENB, replacing the 0.315 core
[Only drop d3d9 and enbhost file] ,using ambient light shielding. Added volume light to improve the sky effect, the sky is more natural and deep, clouds are more layered! Various styles allow you to experience the beauty of SKYRIM!


1080P FPS 40-60:GTX970 GTX1060 RX470 RX480 or over
1080P FPS 20-35:GTX950 GTX1050 RX460 RX560 or over
Must prefix: COT5.0 and ELFX

In Skyrimprefs.ini
IMaxAnisotropy=0 - turn off the game's own anisotropic filter, ENB
You can force 16 times the opposite sex filter
IWaterMultiSamples=0 - close the game with water samples
IMultiSample=0 - turn off hardware anti aliasing in the game and open this possibility
Can cause the water to disappear, the eyeball loses, the indoor material loses, the screen half black, half white,
Depth of field cannot be started
BTreesReceiveShadows=1 - opening shadows of trees
BDrawLandShadows=1 - opens shadows of surface projection
BFloatPointRenderTarget=1 - floating point rendering, using ENB must be
BFXAAEnabled=0 - close the game with an approximate antialiasing
BShadowsOnGrass=1 - open the shadows of the grassland projection
BTransparencyMultisampling=0 - close the game with its own transparent saw
BDeferredShadows=1 - Open deferred shading shaders
BDrawShadows=1 - Open shadows