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This is a part of an ongoing project to create lore-friendly altars, shrines, banners, and resources for all of the Aedra, Daedra, Saints, & other deities that are featured in the Elder Scrolls Lore.  I've read every text on C0da,
 Lord of SoulsReligion, Myths, Legends, MetaphysicsObscure TextsResearchThe Infernal City, & The Temple Zero Society so each design should be as immersive as possible.  For clarification, this is a 'resource only' modder's resource.  This means this is compatible with everything and will have to be added to The Game via Creation Kit.

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A collection of some of my personal assets.
With Approximately 2,000 meshes
-Aedric Series Includes: 
    +Featuring: Akatosh, Arkay/Orkey,  
     AurielDibellaJulianos/JhunalKynareth/Kyne, Magnus, Mara,
     Phynaster, Stendarr/StuhnSyrabane, Hjalti Early-Beard/Talos  
/Tiber Septim/YsmirTrinimacY'ffre/Jephre, Xarxes, and

 -Ayleid Versions
            -Falmeri versions for Auriel, Magnus, Phynaster, Syrabane, Trinimac,                  and Y'ffre
            -Forsworn versions for Dibella, Kynareth, Mara, and Y'ffre
            -Generic versions
            -Nordic versions
           -Temple of Dibella altar for Dibella
            -Temple of Mara version for Mara

       -ESO versions for applicable Aedra
           -Morrowind versions for applicable Daedra
        -Nordic Shrines (Standing Stone styled for Arkay, Dibella, Julianos, Mara 

        -Offering Bowls
        -Stained Glass

-Daedric Series Includes: 
   +Featuring: Azura, Boethiah, Clavicus VileHermaeus Mora,
     HircineJyggalag, Lorkhan/Shezarr/Shor, Malacath, Mehrunes Dagon,
     MephalaMeridia, Molag Bal, Namira, Nocturnal, Peryite, Sanguine,
     Sheogorath, Sithis, and Vaermina

            -2 types of Daedric altars for Boethiah, Hircine, Malacath, 
             and Mehrunes Dagon 
(commissioned for Di0nysys)
            -3 types of Dreamsleeve altars For Lorkhan (for Di0nysys)
            -A new type of altar (new mesh) (Daedric textures) for Azura,
             Meridia, and Sheogorath 
(for Di0nysys)

            -Ayleid versions
           -Coldharbour version for Molag Bal
            -Coven of Namira version for Namira
           -Dunmeri versions
           -Forsworn versions for (Azura, Hermaeus Mora, Hircine, 
            Malacath, Mehrunes Dagon, Namira, Nocturnal, & Peryite)

            -Generic versions
            -Mahogany version for Hircine
            -Nordic versions
            -Orsimeri version for Boethiah and Malacath
            -Volkihar Clan version for Molag Bal
            -Azura, Boethiah
           -Blood Lust (Original Concept - Sanguine)
Book of The Wheels of Heaven (Battlespire - Nocturnal)
           -Crimson Shard of Moonshadow (ESO - Azura)
           -Discordant Fiddle (ESO - Sheogorath)
           -Discourse Amaranthine (ESO - Hermaeus Mora)
           -Dream Shard (ESO - Vaermina)
           -Eye of Nocturnal (Oblivion - Nocturnal)
           -Feyfolken (Lore Book- Clavicus Vile)
           -Folium Discognitum (ESO - Sheogorath)
           -Incubal Echo (Original Concept - Vaermina)
           -Namira's hand (ESO - Namira)
           -Nchylbar's Box (ESO - Azura)
           -Mortuum Vivicus (ESO - Molag Bal)
           -Mysterium Xarxes (Oblivion - Mehrunes Dagon)
           -Ring of Azura (Morrowind - Azura)
           -Ring of Khajiiti (Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim BSA)
           -Scroll of the Morning (ESO - Azura)
           -Statuette of a Dog (Oblivion - Clavicus Vile)
           -The Golden Order of Padaepedia (Original Concept - Peryite)
           -The Tablet of Absolute Blackness (Skyrim Cut content - Boethiah)
           -The Vile Truth (Original Concept - Clavicus Vile)
           -Twilight Shard (ESO - Azura)

            -Dunmeri versions
            -ESO versions
            -TESIV Morrowind versions
            -TESV Oblivion versions
        -Nordic Shrines (Standing Stone styled)

        -Offering bowls
        -Shrines (Dragonborn DLC styled)
        -Stained Glass
             -Azura, Boethiah, Molag Bal, Peryite

-Misc Series Includes:
   +AlduinDagoth Ur, Dragonborn,
     Herma-Mora/Woodland Man, Mannimarco, Mauloch,
      Miraak, OghmaTsun


3 types of Dreamsleeve altars For Dagoth Ur (for Di0nysys)
            -Generic altars (
Dunmeri, Falmeri, Generic, Forsworn,
            Nordic, & Orsimeri)
        -Nordic Shrines (Standing Stone styled for Alduin, Mauloch, & Tsun)
        -Paintings for:
Dagoth Ur, Dragonborn, Miraak, Mannimarco, and Oghma
       -Shrine for Dagoth Ur (Dragonborn DLC styled)
       -Stained Glass
Wooden weapon plague for Pelinal Whitestrake (commissioned for Jcbq)
-Saint Series includes:
   +Featuring Alessia, Almalexia, Aralor, DelynFelms
Harrald Hairy
     Breeks/Hans the Fox/
Pelinal Whitestrake,
 Llothis, Jiub,
Martin Septim, MerisOlms, Rilms, Roris, Seryn, Sotha Sil,
     Veloth, & Vivec

       -Altars for Alessia, Almalexia, Nerevar, Martin, Marukh, Morihaus, Pelinal,
         Reman, Sotha Sil, Veloth, & Vivec
for Alessia, Almalexia, Nerevar, Martin, Marukh, Morihaus,
         Pelinal, Reman, Sotha Sil, Veloth, & Vivec

        -Shrine (Dragonborn DLC styled) for all Dunmeri Saints
        -Stained Glass for Major Saints

All-Maker Stone and Amulet

Amulets ()

Artifacts:Hircine's Amulet (ESO)Laradian Creuset (Original Concept-Meridia), Light of Meridia (ESO), Obsidian Husk (ESO - Mephala), Orb of Vaermina (Oblivion, Legends), Prismatic Crystal (ESO - Meridia), Staff of Everscamp (Shivering Isles-Sheogorath), Star Globe (ESO - Azura)

Deities featured: Alulakhan, Arden-Sul, All-Maker/Anui-El,
 Drisis, Errandil, Fa-Nuit-Hen, 
Jubal-Lun-Sul, Kaladas,   

Jyggalag assets

PDF catalog of my assets with pictures

Retextures: Saxheel, Manmeri


Hircine, Vivec (x2)


brytag for Skyrim Complete Shrines
-Jebbalon's Room by Jebbalon
-Apotheosis by Di0nysys 
-TheSovereign1612 for his mod, Religion

These guys do some amazing work for the modding community and if you like the assets I make, I encourage you to please visit their pages, download their stuff, leave some endorsements if you like it, and leave some positive feedback; because without their hard work, my modders resource and many of the mods you know and love could not be possible.
-Billyro for his altar mesh and texture resource
-Boethiah Statue Resource for Boethiah statue
Jcbq for helping me with various modding
-CrazyBump for normal maps and specular maps (free download in link)
-LadySiryna (Yaryna) for her marvelous art and allowing me to use them in my

-Ljuton for her wonderful art and allowing me to use them in my assets
-LorSakyamuni for the converted brazier mesh and texture from The Witcher series
-manbullcultist for giving me the idea for the Forsworn-themed Hircine altar.
-Modder's Resource Pack - The Witcher Extension by Oaristys for Discordant Fiddle model.
-Open Books Resource by Blary for the open books models
-All the original artist for the artwork I've featured in my assets.  Their work is
 featured in the hopes that their fan art may live forever in Skyrim in some
 way, shape, or form. 
-Ronnie Magnum for his ring mesh   
-RR Mod Series - Morrowind Statues Replacer for the Azura and Vivec statues
-Disclaimer on the artwork:
 Every piece of art is taken from the public domain, photographed by me, then
 traced via one of my tracing programs and/or by hand.  So, technically, I'm 
 not using the artists' original work, but a reproduction of a photograph of
 their work.  This, in addition to me allowing for NO monetary gain from the
 artwork featured and me obtaining the artwork via public domain relieves me
 of any copyright infringements.  To clarify, I'm in no way, shape, or form
 taking credit for the artists' work, but I am simply providing an avenue for
 people to view the artists' work via 3D model and Skyrim's game engine.  
 Once again, special thanks to all the incredibly talented artist of whose art I
 have featured.

~Usage Agreement~

+You may only use my resources in a mod if you ask and obtain permission
  from me first (
Note that there is a less than 1% likelihood that you will not be
  granted permission if you ask for it)!
+If you receive permission from me, then you must abide by the following
  rules (
This is to ensure that I can maintain the credited modder's standards of
  resource distribution, as well as my own).

1.)You may not upload a mod containing my assets onto another site besides
    the Nexus (Exception made for Di0nysys' Apotheosis).
2.)My assets will only be released here, on the Nexus.  If you see my resource
    anywhere else, then they have been released without my permission and I
    would like to be notified immediately.
3.)You must provide a link to my page under the credits section of your page
    and give me full credit for my assets.
4.)You must report any and all bugs to me so that I may fix them.
    [See article for my definition of 'paid modding' as well as a list of people
    who have received permission to use my assets @ ]

6.)If you feature my assets in your mod then you must have permission from
    me to do so.  This means that you can not modify a mod containing my
    resources as a way of avoiding the request of permission from me.

7.)I have the right to use all pictures and videos containing my assets.
8.)You are not allowed to use any of my artifacts unless you make a quest for
    them.  The quest must be unique and on par with vanilla daedric quests.  I
    don't want daedric artifacts just given to the player.  The player needs to
    earn it, and not all at once.
9.)If value my assets enough to want to use them in your mod, then I expect 
    you to show your appreciation.  As a common courtesy, one should 
    endorse this file AND all the Nexus mods listed in the credits section as 
    well.  I'd also apreciate you giving 'kudos' to the credited modders as well. 
    I have a lot of respect for the modding community and I want all the 
    people in the credits section to be recognized for their work and for me to
    be recognized for my work as well.  When you ask me for permission, I will
    visit each of the credited mods and locate your endorsement of their file.  If
    you have not endorsed their files then do so before asking me for

+Upon violation of any of the aforementioned rules, your rights to use my
  assets are forfeit.

+If you receive permission from me, then you are granted the following.
1.)You are free to redistribute my assets in unmodified form within your mod.
2.)You are free to request changes from me, for your mod.  This means I MAY
    change a design to better fit your mod.  
3.)If you provide a reasonable explanation, a rule MAY be changed for your
    modding situation.
4.)All users of my assets have the right to showcase my assets via YouTube,
    as long as I have rights to host the video on my page(s).
5.)Approved users are granted Early Access to my assets via a link in
    Discord (Must simply ask for it via Discord).