An Endless Tail by Sam Hayward
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An Endless Tail

Note: you must have subtitles for gameplay and dialogue enabled! Currently there is no voice acting, just subtitled lines.

Over a year in the making, An Endless Tail features a massive new dungeon for you to explore with a quest that explores themes of immortality. Inspired by games such as Witcher, Dark Souls and Zelda, I wanted to create a dungeon that broke the mold of what one expects from your average Skyrim dungeon. No quest arrows - just intuitive design, exploration and mystery to draw you to uncover the mysteries in Myrdos.

In addition, there are new gameplay mechanics, unique items and enemies. All content is lore friendly and aims to exist as a natural part in the game world. Cleaned with TES5EDIT, and designed in a way to remain as compatible as possible with all mods.

New Features

Soul Essence

Forgoing traditional loot, An Endless Tail features a "soul essence" system that works similar to souls from the Dark Souls series. In Myrdos, the flow of souls is much more fluid than it is in world of Nirn, allowing the player to absorb the essence of the spirits that dwell there. This resource can be found in the environment, from killing enemies and also as general loot in the quest.

Souls can be spent at at the Soul Forge, to unlock powerful unique items as well as enticing loot.

As Myrdos is a place displaced from time and space itself, it didn't make sense for me to have health potions be freely available. Therefore I designed soul essence to also be a source of health. When the player gains souls, they gain health + stamina + magicka proportionate to the amount of souls gained. In addition, should the player be low on health, they'll gain greatly improved health regeneration at the cost of some of the soul essence that is being carried.

The result? To gain maximum resources requires strategic play. Battles have an ebb and flow to them - too aggressive could cost you too much soul essence, but proper aggression can sustain you as you cut down weaker enemies.

Light Links

These act as connectors for the spatial puzzles in the quest, as well as a means of travel for the player once they've powered them on.

Pillars of Light

The Pillars of Light act as support for the enemies, while also being area denial for the player. Enemies near the pillars will be healed, and if the player gets too close they'll find their soul essence (and health) being drained! But good news: destroying a pillar unleashes a powerful explosion.

New Enemies

The quest features unique enemies, including a ranged teleporter. Lobbing fireballs from a distance, this guy takes advantage of the vertical battlegrounds to keep the pressure on.

New Weapons

Unlock powerful and unique weapons with soul essence. Weapons such as Sudden Swiftness, which increases your attack speed as you land consecutive hits and Yrd which is a dagger that revives enemies you kill with it to help you in battle!

How to Start

The quest will start when you read "A Thousand Years of Dreams", a book located on the counter of Old Hroldan Inn, located in the Reach. You can type "coc oldhroldaninn" using the console if you wish to go right there. The book will give you clues on where to find the entrance.


To install, extract the files in the mod folder into the "Data" directory, then enable the mod from the "Data files" section in the game launcher.