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Miniel is standalone, meaning that she doesn't require any other mods. She starts at level 5 and will level with you up to level 80. She is a novice storm mage but knows a few spells from the other elements as well as healing and steadfast ward. She doesn't triggers pressure plates. You will find her in the Ivarstead inn, probably drinking some wine. Miniel is unarmored, only wearing merchant clothes but she will equip what you give her. I highly recommend using a follower overhaul mod like AFT, but it's not required.

Let me know if you find any bugs and I'll do my best to fix them. Please share your screenshots! 

SPECIAL EDITION? Get Miniel and her sister here

Name: Miniel
Race: wood elf (uses the nord race in-game)
Location: Vilemyr Inn, Ivarstead
Body type: UNP
Weight: 20
Voice: FemaleEvenToned
Essential: yes
Marriable: yes

Install using a mod manager of your choice or manually extract the contents to your Data folder.

Q: Can you make a version with a different body type/skin texture/hairstyle/hair color/etc?

A: No. It's impossible to cater to everyone's taste, so I am simply going with my own. If you want a different body type, hairstyle, etc, you can easily change it yourself to your liking, but don't re-upload anywhere. 

Q: Will you share the preset?
A: No. Miniel is based (but altered) on the beautiful widowmaker preset, which you can get here.

Q: Can I include your follower in a mod I'm making?
A: No. I have already released my follower, it doesn't need to be included in another mod. If you think the follower goes well with your mod, feel free to link to this page in the description. Read the permissions for more.

Q: What is she wearing in the pictures?
A: Mods used in screenshots: Ciri's Outfit, Wolf Bikini Armor, Spellslinger Outfit, Woodland Alchemist Dress, Marksmage Garb, KS Jewelry and Apachii Divine Elegance Store. Poses by Halo.

Q: Why isn't the outfit from the screenshots included?
A: Why I will never include outfits

Q: Why doesn't she look the same in my game as in the screenshots?
A: Likely due to different setups. I used Snapdragon Prime ENB in the screenshots.


Thank you GonzoSkyrim, Black Flame Gaming and Boxofbeer Channel for featuring Miniel!

DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99
Fair Skin Complexion by hhaleyy
Real Girls Realistic Body Texture by zonzai & seren4XX
Widowmaker preset by wasyash
KS hairdos renewal by kalilies, stealthic khaos & shocky
Brows by hvergelmir
Eyes of Beauty by lograam
RaceMenu by expired

Big thanks to these amazing mod authors for their great work, and for letting me use their assets.




Don't claim my content as your own. Don't re-upload my content anywhere - if I want them on another site, I will upload them there myself. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!