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Dragonhide now have improved duration with the perks "Mage Armor".

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Dragonhide now have improved duration with the perks "Mage Armor", instead of rendering them useless.

Dragonhide is a strange, yet unique, spell. Its very annoying to cast it all the time, and have to manage it with the use of ebonyflesh. Testing it in the game, the use of the two at the same time simply canceled the effect of dragonhide - so i'll have to go without any armor spell to benefit from dragonhide.

I've made 2 versions.

Version 1:

No perk: 30s
Mage Armor 1: 60s
Mage Armor 2: 75s
Mage Armor 3: 90s

It uses the same logic the other spells use. Ebony Flesh increases the armor by 100/200/250/300.

Dual Cast double the duration, and the perk "Stability" increases by 50%. So now you can have 4,5 minutes of duration.

I use it with Ordinator, that has the perk "Home Mythal", that allows me to increase by 50x if cast near a Home Mythal that I place somewhere. I can get more than 9 hours of duration before have to get back home or dual-cast every 4,5 minutes.

Version 2:

No perk: 5 min
Mage Armor 1: 10 min
Mage Armor 2: 15 min
Mage Armor 3: 20 min

Total time with dual-cast and stability: 1h20 (of gameplay, fast travel consumes that time).

With Home Mythal (from Ordinator): 66 hours lol

Have fun!