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Bards break into their pathetic selection of 3 songs less often.

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SE version here.

The mod does sort of the same thing as Bard Instrumentals Only - Sing Upon Request, except instead of completely removing the singing, it lowers the chances of singing happening to 3.3-4%. Bard tracks are very short so you're still going to be hearing some singing even with this low of a chance.

Required: USKP or USLEEP (I used their bard song script as a base)
Install using a mod manager of your choice.

This mods works by forcing a 10% filter first. The bard has a 10% chance to even attempt to pick from the full tracklist, otherwise an instrumental is forced. If they get through the 10% filter, they have a 3-4/9-10 (depends on if you have unlocked alduin's whateverthesongtitlewas) chance to sing instead of playing an instrumental.


Compatible with USLEEP/USKP.
Compatible with mods that don't edit the BardSongScript.pex file.

fadingsignal - I found the section in the USKP script that picks the track by looking at where he modified the script.
USKP team - Used their script as a base for my script.