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About this mod

Adds four new teleport spells to the game.

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
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  • Polish

Please read the spell descriptions and Q&A bellow before asking anything. The description may contain some inaccuracies due to recent updates.


Adds four new spells to the game:

Type: Targeted Spell
Slot: Any hand / Power
Level: Apprentice (25)
Cost (Spell): 89 magicka (decreases with skill level and perks)
Cost (Power): 60 magicka and stamina (can be decreased with perks)
Casting time: 0.5s / 0s
Max Range: 50-150 ft, depending on Sneak and Alteration skill level.*
Primary Effect: Appear behind your target.
Secondary effects: If undetected by your target, you become muffled and invisible for 2 seconds.
Learned from: Spell Tome, Mystic Tablet, Secrets of Teleportation

Blink / Power Blink
Type: Target Point Spell
Slot: Any hand / Power
Level: Adept (50)
Cost (Spell): 100 magicka (decreases with skill level and perks)
Cost (Power): 100 magicka (can be decreased with perks)
Casting time: 0s
Max Range: 180 ft
Primary Effect: Short-distance teleportaton.
Secondary effects: 1 second damage immunity. Rotates you 180 degrees in combat (Rotation can be disabled).
Learned from: Mystic Tablet, Secrets of Teleportation
Notes: Aiming at high walls may cause death by fall damage.

Type: Target Point Spell
Slot: Any hand
Level: Expert (75)
Cost: 132 magicka (decreases with skill level and perks)
Casting time: 0.5s
Max Range: 700 ft
Primary Effect: Long-distance teleportaton.
Secondary effects: 1 second damage immunity.
Learned from: Mystic Tablet, Secrets of Teleportation
Notes: Unlike Blink, Teleport only places you at locations you can actually get to. If aimed at a roof, it places you on the ground. If out of combat, Teleport affects your followers as well (can be disabled).

Type: Self cast
Slot: Any hand
Level: Master (100)
Cost: Varies, 0.12 magicka/ft teleported (0.06 with Master Alteration perk)
Casting time: 0.5s
Max Range: Limited only by magicka reserves (Solitude->Riften ~800 magicka with master perk). Benefits from fortify alteration enchants, capped at 80% reduction.
Primary Effect: World-wide teleportaton.
Secondary effects: 1 second damage immunity. 10 seconds fall damage immunity. 10 seconds 0% magicka regeneration debuff.***
Learned from: Secrets of Teleportation
Notes: Takes you to a room with a gigantic map on the floor. Move to a desired location and cast the spell again or activate one of the map markers to teleport. Magicka does not regenerate while inside the map room. Can only be cast outdoors and autosaves when cast. Teleporting brings your followers with you.

*Each level of Sneak increases max range by 0.65 ft, and each level of Alteration 0.35 ft.
**Secondary Effects are applied when teleporting from the map-room to the world.

By default, the spells are of the Alteration school. Download the conjuration version from optional files to switch school to Conjuration. The two are not compatible.


There are several settings. It is recomended that you use the SkyUI MCM mod.

- Magicka cost.

- Turn on/off combat rotation
- Magicka cost.

- Turn on/off whether casting teleport when out of combat brings your followers with you.
- Change effect used.
- Magicka cost.

- Turn on/off indoor usage (puts extra pressure on Skyrims scripting engine; not recommended).
- Turn on/off autosaving when the spell is cast.
- Turn on/off forcing first person to prevent facial hair and eyebrows disappearing.
- Change effect used.
- Magicka cost.

You can lock the magicka cost setting of each individual spell to prevent yourself from changing it later on. Locking is irreversible without a clean install.


Obtaining the spells:
- Find the hidden book "Secrets of Teleportation" by following a series of clues. Reading the book teaches you the spells if your Alteration is high enough.

- Finish the College of Winterhold Quest-line. You'll find a chest on the roof containing another copy of "Secrets of Teleportation" along with a tome of Power Blink.

- A third copy of the book can be found within The Dawnspire.

- Enter The Midden underneath the College and activate the Mystic Tablet. If you have enough gold, the Tablet can teach you all spells except Omnipresence. Some options will not appear if your alteration skill is too low.

- Tomes of Shadowstep and Shadowdance can be found on the enchanting table in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, and a second copy can be found in the Dawnstar Sanctuary on the big table.

- Use the console.

Use with caution; Teleporting away from scripted events may break your game.


Use manager (recommended)
drop the contents of "" into your Data-folder. Your data folder is usually found at
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data
use the steam version available here


Remove teleport.esp and teleport.bsa from your data folder. Check your data/scripts folder and delete any script beginning with _teleport.


Q: The description says that the spells are Alteration. Is this true for the Conjuration version as well?
A: No. I'm just too lazy to update the description.

Q: Will you add the Bat effect from Dawnguard to the spells?
A: No. The original bat effect uses its own script to handle the effect. I spent several hours trying to get a good looking bat effect to work without any success.

Q: Can you change the school to illusion/destruction/restoration?
A: No. Maintaining several different versions of the mod is annoying. Two is enough.

Q: Why isn't this added to vendors?
A: Because it would conflict with mods that edit the inventory of spell vendors.

Q: I found a bug!
A: Please provide me with as much details as possible, it helps a lot and will result in a quicker fix.

Q: How do I find the Tablet?
A: Enter The Midden through the trapdoor located on the courtyard. Walk straight forward until you can see a room with a waterfall to your right. Enter the waterfall-room by jumping down. There are two exits from this room, take the one without a door. Follow the hallway into the next room and look for a Magic Light on the wall, the Tablet is located just next it.

Q: Where is the first clue towards finding the hidden tome?
A: SPOILER: ecifosragnerafhcaersnogardni. Read backwards. Misspellings are intended.

Q: Where is the hidden book?
A: SPOILER: tidnifotseulcehtwolofnoitacolnedihani. Misspellings are intended.

Q: Sometimes Blink and Teleport doesn't do anything. Why?
A: When using Blink, the missile missed the surface you aimed at, or you were just outside maximum range. When using Teleport, the game couldn't find a valid landing spot, so you won't get teleported at all. This usually happens when you try to teleport onto rocks or buildings. Blink is not restricted by this rule and can be used to access rooftops.

Q: Sometimes Blink takes ages before it teleports me.
A: Probably because your scripting engine is overloaded. Can possibly be solved by using less script heavy mods or upgrading your system.

Q: Your source code is horribly written.
A: I know. Shadowstep, Blink and Teleport were written when I first got into modding and I haven't changed them very much since then.

Q: Nice robe, where did you get it?
A: It is a re-texture of the Psiijic Robe by zackdip. You can find it at:


Know issues:
- Viewing the general stats tab may cause a CTD. Fix and more info here.
- Using teleport on some areas in the world places you far away from where you aimed. (rare)


Also available in Turkish, French and Italian.


What do people say about the mod?

Great spells! Functions much better than other teleportation spells.

Great mod! It really made gameplay more dynamic and magical. Great job!

Definitely the best mod for those who love assassin/ninja gameplay, still using shadowstep and totally love it

This mod is a must-have. Blink the the best modded spell out there IMO. I have no idea why this is not on the first page of 'Endorsments' sorting. Will endorse to raise level. :)

Only 4 spells and I can already see this mod as being on par with Midas and Phenderix spells have to offer. What you have right now are some of the coolest looking spells I've seen. Thanks!

For the record, I've been dling mods from nexus since oblivion. I'm currently running over 100 mods in skyrim. This is the first time I felt the necessity to drop by and comment/endorse. THIS MOD IS AWESOME.

I just wanted to say that this is the best mod I've come across. :) I've always dreamed of being able to teleport in Oblivion (and then Skyrim). This mod is perfect.