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Last updated at 16:03, 22 Sep 2017 Uploaded at 14:45, 15 Jul 2017

Yunsol's custom voice is work in progress now!
please expect and wait.

Thanks for upload Yunsol introduction videos!

CanCho Yunsol Follower
Everything about mod is in the above images and video,
But i will give you more explanation about one thing.

First, I say sorry to you for my lack of English speaking skill. 

Hello, I'm EOMSIC.
Thank you for coming to see my mod!
This is my first Skyrim mod, 
also it is the first Skyrim follower mod.

Yunsol has HDT Hair wig.
Problem is due to the chronic problem of HDT,
When done fast travel or moving to another area,
She may be invisible.

Solution is to take her wig off or
Use optional Non HDTHair .esp Plugin file. (<- on "Option/Non HDTHair" Folder)

That's it.
As i said, Everything about mod is in the above images and video.

Used Mods Link

Enhanced Character Edit
Enhanced Character Edit Enhancer
Enhanced Character Edit - More Body Sliders
The Eyes of Beauty
KS Hairdos
SG Female Eyebrows
Fair Skin Complexion

Used Armor Mods Link

[Dint] BDO Dark Knight
BDO Ranger Bern
9204 BDO Pack
Sotteta Necromancer Outfit
Tembtra Thief Armor
The Amazing World of Bikini Armor
Vindictus Sweetie Bear
Vindictus Padding Vest

BnS Hongmoon Garb
Animal Pajama
Aradia Secretary

(All Koreans)
EOMSIC : CME, Image and video
RARA CRAFT : Prototype modding
HEYBABY : CME, Logo design 

appreciate to help making this mod!!

Yunsol's Custom voice work is scheduled to begin in August 2017.
I plan to make Korean voices, and I hope you have many expectations.

Last Thing, i'm doing some game streaming on Twitch.
Here's  My Twitch Channel.
Of course I usually play Skyrim
There is also a stream of other topics.
and i'm plannig to use My Tumblr

Thanks again to everyone.
I hope you all enjoy my mod.