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My edited version of the Pistols For Skyrim

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!!!If you get any error please update your game to the latest version before you ask for help.!!!

This mod adds a Flintlock Pistol to Skyrim. Even though I have tried to balance it to not be too strong. If you still think this is too much then I suggest getting Wars in Skyrim and Deadly Dragons. Then no matter how much fire power you have you will still end up dead.


Some facts about these guns:
Damage: Easily editable in scrips now. I will post a video shortly, or you can open the gunDamageScript in CK. It is fairly well documented.
The total damage = (((archery/2) * (overdraw/2) * 1.5) + 10)
The duration is 40 diminishing ticks over 10 secs.

Base range: 10k units (compaired to the 60k for arrows and 768 for the flames projectile)
Chance for instant kill: (archery / 5) = % (archery/50 for dragons)
Effects: the "Fus" shout (this provides the nice stagger effect)

Also each successful shot will level your Archery skill by 20 (This is subject to change - input needed).

Flintlock Pistol: xx000D62

Crafted in MISC at any forge

Future updates:
-bullet holes
-charge system
-the true single shot
-make the mod more...modular
Flintlock Pistol v2.9a and b:
-Fixed coding error in old version
-added notifications of damage and damage multipliers.

Thanks to BleydThePirate for pointing out the error in the scripts. Like I said last time there was no testing last time. This time at least 10 guards died.
Flintlock Pistol v2.8a and b:
-due to popular request I have add two versions of the script. One does the normal decaying dot damage (a). The other does all the damage up front in one hit (b).
-Added support for Sneak attacks and the Deadly Aim perk should properly increase damage.
-Added support for Critical Shot perk.

Unfortunately I do not have Skyrim installed at this time so these changes were made with basically no testing, but if things work like they did 6 months ago it should all go well. Let me know if there seems to be anything unexpected.

Happy adventuring.
Flintlock Pistol v2.7.5:
-minor fix so that the overdraw perks actually work

Flintlock Pistol v2.7:
-All damage as been moved into the gunDamageScript. You can easily edit it to your liking. It is explained in the script header, but ill post a video "How to" soon. You can even upload your script to the nexus if you want to share with other people!

-The damage is now in the form of a diminishing dot.

-The overdraw perk effects gun damage

-Also as a treat for people who read patch notes I made a little game last week. You will need an HTML5 capable browser for this to work.

The Dryer

Have fun

Flintlock Pistol v2.6:
-added new projectile mesh (beam be gone :D) - it is basically just an empty mesh but it looks way better

-scaling: I added an instant damage component to the gun which is based off your archery skill. Currently it is equal to you archery skill. This can be edited by changing the scrips which I now included the originals.

-instant kill: while for normal use the kill chance is the same, on dragons the chance to instant kill is 1/10 of its original. So at 100 archery your chance to instant kill a dragon is 2%.

- balancing: I have changed the speed of the projectile, added some gravity (just a lil), lowered the force to be more in line with what I think is "realistic" (based off information I gathered from wiki)

-removed muzzle flash. The reason it was all wonky was because of the staff animations it was based off of. If you notice when holding any staff in your right hand when you go into sneak the staff rotates in your hand. The new way it faces is where the muzzle flash comes out. It makes it look cheesy so I took it out. I have a theory for firing it as an inert projectile at the same time, but it will need more work

The single shot is coming. I hope. The reason it is difficult is there is no way to check for the event of firing the staff in papyrus. I have been experimenting with different ways. I have had some success and some failures, but it still doesn't work the way I want. And to top all of that off, you can not equip a weapon to a specified hand. It is right hand or nothing. While I could release it in the current form I know I would just get complaints

I am trying to move to a more modular setup so that people can easily get what they want out of a gun in skyrim.

Flintlock Pistol v2.5:
I did not get everything I wanted for this update, but I do have the muzzle smoke.
I spent a lot of time getting intimate with nifskope and trying to implement my own impact data sets.

On the note of impacts. I have found that you can not make custom (non-replacer) Impacts. You can make your own impactsets, but they have to use beth's premade impacts. If I must I will replace something, but before then want to another try at getting it to work. If anyone has info that would be useful it would be much appreciated. :)

Flintlock Pistol v2.4:
A fix giving you the scripts so that leveling will work. Let me know how it goes :)

Over powered version added

Also since uploading all the models and textures ever time is a waste ill only be having one normal file with extra esp DLs for variety.

In the future ill make a compilation, but it is to personal taste that you only have one style of gun in the world. For us realism nuts it helps. Bear with me for the moment.

Flintlock Pistol v2.3:
On a serious note. Please let me know how you guys feel about the rate of exp gain and the kill proc.

The % to kill chance is now affected by your archery skill (archery/5)=% chance to insta-gib and the a hit will level your archery skill (by 10 for now) - this is an esp only with only the normal version for now

I was playing and was annoyed by this, so I changed it. Damn it feels good to be a Modder. :D

Flintlock Pistol v2.2:
Now they both have a beam animation that fits better then a fire ball. Also brought the normal version inline with the realistic one.

Flintlock Pistol v2.1:
Added the Realistic version. The projectile is way faster and invisible. The damage was toned down slightly as well along with the range. Also took out that fire effect.

And its a six shooter now :D

Flintlock Pistol v2:
remade the gun from scratch in CK. Hopefully that will fix any problems people were having with crashing.

I have also added a % chance for an instant kill, and extended the range.

Initial Release:
Done in Skyedit - fixed some bugs from orginal, but still lots of problems

SO...I edited the enchantments a bit to my liking. In the old version the strait fire damage was set to 2500. I lowered it to 60. It still has the same 40 damage over 3 secs. The stagger affect is basically a Fus shout. I took off the mehrunes razor enchant cause although I think it should be on there it doesn't work (cause your not actually pistol whipping them with the gun[which would be bad ass if it could. Then I would have to port a witch hunter from WAR]).

Also, no more rapid fire flamethrower pistol. It functions like a normal staff. I also fix the bow twang sound bug.

So in summation this gun will not kill someone (of decent level) in one hit, but it will be a great way to catch someone if they are running or an opener or distraction.

Note: The mesh, textures, and sounds are not my own. Credit for that goes to Fly1918. And they look beautiful too.