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Adds a new set of mage robes perfect for conjurers that are imbued with the power of the Necromancer's Amulet. Can be worn by males and females of any race and body type, weight-slider compatible.

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Arcane Conjurer Robes

This mod adds a new set of hooded robes to the game that are suited for necromancer or conjurer players. The robes can be worn by males and females of any race or weight. 

When equipped, the robes confer the same enchantment as you would get by wearing the Necromancer's Amulet. Better still, the robes can be enchanted all on their own!

How to Obtain:
You can craft a set of Arcane Conjurer robes at the tanning rack if you have some leather, plus the following items:
  • The Necromancer's Amulet (obtained from completing the Blood On The Ice quest)
  • A set of Vaermina robes
If you wish to retrieve the necromancer amulet, the robes can be broken down again at the tanning rack.


Q: Is this mod compatible with UNP/CBBE, etc?

A: Yes. The robes cover every inch of the player's skin, so you won't have any seams or texture issues.

Q: You say that the robes are UNP/CBBE/etc compatible, but it doesn't LOOK like the body type I have installed...can you fix that?

A: No. I'm not going to recreate the female version to give it bigger boobs.

Q: Will this work with my favorite texture replacer?

A: Partially. The hood is a recolor and won't be affected by any texture replacers, but everything else will work.

Q: I have a mod that changes the enchantment on the Necromancer's Amulet. Is it compatible?
A: Yes. Whatever enchantment the Necromancer Amulet has in your game will be transferred to you when you wear the robes.