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Added: 13/07/2017 - 06:46PM
Updated: 18/09/2017 - 11:55AM

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I had a closer look to the parallax roads yesterday and I must admit that I was very unhappy with them. I've figured out that parallax mapping and alpha blending leads to glitches with decals. I've switched to alpha testing on some roads and reworked the height map.
This release improves the parallaxed roads only. If you are using roads with real 3d stones you don't need to update.
I've found another bug with a wrong declared installer version. It shows 1.2 in the mod manager. I've corrected this too. But the installer might refuse to upgrade.
If that happens to you then uninstall the mod completely and redownload the new version.
I apologize for this issues.

I've accidently removed this version instead of the SE. Did a reupload already.


Greetings my beloved Nexus.
I've finally finished the port of my Blended Roads
mod for Skyrim SE.
This mod was originally created because I had blending issues between the road stones and the surrounding snow. I decided to blend the road stones to the surrounding materials instead of trying to create an almost fitting texture.
The road textures would never fit perfectly because the coordinates doesn't allow it.
But this mod evolved very quickly.
This mod comes in two versions. The Blended Roads version is using parallax mapping and the regular road mesh. But you need to enable the parallax fixes in your enblocal.ini. You should use it if you don't like the accurate collision of REALly Blended ROADS.
REALly Blended ROADS is providing meshes made of 3d stones. It is optimized as much as possible and has a lesser performance impact than similiar mods. It has a very accurate collision too.
But this mod isn't a port only. I've included a ton of fixes wich will come for the SE version too. I've managed to fix the decal problems Blended Roads had and the blending between the stones and the surrounding materials is improved too.

I've uploaded a version of my retextured bridges too. But it is some kind of
goodie and I want to provide it as an optional file.
This bridges don't feature the SMIM ones because providing a pack for SMIM would allow to install these bridges as stand alone.
And this isn't how a compatibility patch should work. Although you can mix the textures if you want.

This mod is meant as a modders resource too. Feel free to use and change it. I've uploaded mask templates too
(the roadstones still use Bethesda's uvw's.)
But I would appreciate a credit.


  • Dragonborn will be required for the parallaxed roads (Blended Roads) while the 3d roads (REALly Blended ROADS) don't need to have a dlc installed.
  • Actual road textures from other packs usally don't have an alpha channel. This
  • means they don't blend and make this mod pretty useless. If you want
    compatible textures from other packs you need to contact their mod

      all mods that change the road meshes (currently unknown, please report it and I will update here)
  • Blended Roads is actually incompatible with Real Roads.
  • Blended Roads is compatible with SMIM bridges

Known Issues:
  • blending within one mesh is possible but between meshes not, this is nearly impossible in Skyrim
  • Installer of version 1.0 is declared as version 1.2, I've corrected the issue in version 1.1 bit it might to refuse to update. A reinstallation might be needed.
  • the mod link in the installer points to the wrong mod page

  • Bethesda - thanks for allowing us to mod
  • Texturelib
  • Sonnhy for the installer
  • mertz for the Wrye Bash Script