About this mod

Better functioning companions that will wear what you give them with all gear removable.
Extended version further fixes lvl caps, marriage, feminine stance, adds riding AI with Multiple Follower support, dual wielding etc..

Permissions and credits
TCG Extended Version has transitioned to UFO Ultimate Follower Overhaul as a stand alone mod and will continue to be developed there.
TCG Tradable Companion Gear will still be developed and TCG Extended Version files, with v1.1, will stay up for now.
PERSONAL NOTE: Just wanna say thank you to everyone that endorsed and commented. Hope you keep enjoying the mod and having fun in Skyrim. ;)
PERSONAL NOTE number 2: READ THE DESCRIPTION PAGE, good info here and links.

[size="8"]TCG 1.3[/size]
All followers gear can be traded.
Default hidden bow and arrows are tradable and not respawnable.
Followers will not revert to default outfits or unequip gear even if dismissed.
Followers will wear what is placed in their inventory.
Version history:
TCG 1.3c - Adjusted the main script for item generation.
TCG 1.3b - Fix for Companions quest line, Aela and Farkas should have full functionality when u do the quest with TCG.
TCG 1.3a - Fix for Benors criminal behavior.

[size="8"]INSTALL NOTE: If you have been using previous version of TCG(v1.2) you have to: Disable the mod, make a new save game without TCG loaded. Quit game, start(install) TCG v1.3, enjoy the game. Otherwise just extract,enable, play.[/size]

As of v1.1 TCG Extended Version is a standalone download, you do not need TCG main for it anymore. What it does is all that TCG main does and adds additional features to the mod.

1. All follower lvl caps removed
2. All followers added as marriageable
3. All followers have appropriate gender animations (translate: girls stand like girls)
4. Follower can ride (Follower horses are at Windhelm and Whiterun stables) [1.0a](tweaked)[1.0b]
5. Houscarls will move around players house and do different things [1.0a]
6. Weapon draw distance tweaked. [1.0a](only draw in combat)[1.0b]
7. All followers can Dual Wield [1.0d]
8. You can ask all followers to display their stats once in your group. Hirelings can be asked before hiring. [1.0e]
9. Added level up dialogue for followers. Ask them if they trained enough and they will level up their stats [1.1]
10. Multiple followers support = Scroll down to QnA for download links and info.

INSTALL: Extract over original TCG.
DISCLAIMER: Extended Version is/can be semi compatible with other mods that edit actor forms. FEATURES that WILL WORK(8,6,4) MIGHT/SHOULD WORK(7) WON'T WORK(1,2,3,5), when making another mod compatible by setting Outfit=None for vanilla followers.
1.0c- Updated to reflect main file fixes.



TCG Starter Kit- Starter kit lets you create and customize Followers with full compatibility to TCG. Simply add your new followers to TCG quest script property reference and enjoy dressing them up. 5 slots available. - Basic tutorial at bottom of description-

General Q&A:

1. Is it compatible with xy follower mod.
Probably not but it can be.
Any mod that changes original followers without a script and sets followers OUTFITs to anything but NONE is not compatible.
Any mod that changes original followers but sets followers OUTFITs to NONE is compatible.

2. Can i change follower stuff in CK?
Yes. Just keep OUTFIT=NONE

3. If i make a new follower, will it work with this mod?
Semi. Any follower you make is not a part of global "Get your gear on now!!" script.
Meaning until you hire them they will not equip gear. After that TCG kicks in and all is right in the world :) (OUTFIT=NONE still applies)

4. Why do i have double items on some followers?
Cause you started TCG midgame and I don't wanna do 200 lines of cleanup save data. (it's friggin tiresome)

5. I just met a follower for first time and he's naked!! You suck!!
I do indeed.. If you have been using TCG prior to v1.3 you will need to make a clean save before loading it up. See INSTALL NOTE on top of this decription.

6. I have a mod that would work cool with yours but I also edited DialogueFollowerScript, can you make it compatible?
I could but i'll bet you made more changes than i did there so if you want to, change DismissedFollowerActor.SetPlayerTeammate(false) to DismissedFollowerActor.SetPlayerTeammate(true, false) and our mods can play together all day like children on a sugar rush. (OUTFIT=NONE still applies)

7. How do i install TCG and Multiple Followers to work together so i can have bunch of cool dressed followers?

1.TCG (or Extended Version)
2. Multiple followers --> MultifollowersLink
3. Compatibility patch (extract all) --> Patch Link



TCG Starter Kit Tutorial:
1.Extract TCG StarterKit and script to data folder
2.Open CK, mark TCG starterkit, flag as active, open
3.Locate Actor
4. In actor template change Outfit to none, do whatever else you need.
5. Right click actor, click Use info to locate its reference
6. Go to Quest, open TCG startkit quest, press script tab, mark script, click propertis
7. Mark Follower 1, set reference to one from Use Info.
8. Click ok, ok. Save TCG starterkit esp. Close CK
9. Start Skyrim, check in data if TCG Starterkit is enabled and you have TCG running. Run game.


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