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A comprehensive remap and expansion of Gamepad controls including the ability to link ANY mod hotkey to 1 of up to 20 controller hotkeys/button combos plus much more

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This version is now deprecated.
You can find the all-new version at the links below:

Gamepad++ for Skyrim LE
Gamepad++ for Skyrim Special Edition

At last fellow gamepad players no longer need you feel constrained by the restricted vanilla functionality of your controller!  Gamepad++ unlocks many new features allowing seamless play with both your controller as the primary input AND your keyboard for endless hotkeys without conflict.

It has always been a major frustration that without the use of third party software like XPadder there has been no ‘native’ way of setting controller keypress combinations as hotkeys.  The best you could hope for was using a custom controlmap.txt which enabled combos to emulate the keyboard 1-8 SkyUI favourites/equip sets hotkeys, which is all well and good but I never use them!  Then I came across Better Gamepad key support (an SKSE Plugin) by NeoH4x0r.  Whilst it in itself does not do what I was after a conversation with Neo yielded the code snippet which ultimately led to GAMEPAD++.

Yeah, yeah, very good.  But what does this actually do?  Well I'm glad you asked...

*** MCM allowing you to link up to twelve new button combos to MCM mod hotkeys
allowing a total of 16 DPad hotkeys which you can use for absolutely anything,
not just SkyUI favourites or equip sets ***

NEW - FISS support with Backup/Restore/Reset Defaults
Data/SKSE/FISS/GAMEPADPlusPlus_Modifiers.xml (shipped with mod)
Data/SKSE/FISS/GAMEPADPlusPlus_Presets.xml (does not exist until created through MCM menu -- this file should never be included in the mod)

Advanced Mode allowing you to set which buttons you would like to use as primary modifier and secondary combo buttons (intended for users who wish to utilise their own custom controlmap.txt)

NEW - Enable a fourth modifier key in Advanced Mode, adding a further four combos (twenty hotkeys in total!)

with v3.1 you would need to edit either the
global value: GPP_KEYCODE_M4 (in the plugin) or edit the FISS file
Data/SKSE/FISS/GAMEPADPlusPlus_Modifiers.xml and set the desired value
you would need to do the same for the other modifier/combo buttons (either edit the global values in the plugin or edit the FISS file)

If you want to disable the fourth modifier then just set its value to 0 (this is set as the default global value as well as the value in the FISS file above)

A table of keycodes can be found here: Input Script - DXScanCodes

NEW - Automatic switching between keyboard and controller input depending on which page of the menu you are on, plus new keyboard hotkey to toggle between input modes in other menus

Most vanilla single click button actions retained with the exception of stick clicks, RB/Right Shoulder and B.

LB/Left Shoulder, RB/Right Shoulder and B buttons now act as modifiers allowing two full sets of button combos.

Quick direct access to Inventory, Stats, Magic and Map through new combos, plus Tween Menu still available through new combo

Favourites moved to a new button combo to free up DPad Left and Right

New button combos to access console, quicksave, quickload, zoom in/out and screenshot

Four way scrolling in Map using DPad (left stick still works as cursor as well)

Right stick click on Map to place custom marker

Scroll in favourites using left stick

In addition to all of this nearly all keyboard mapping  has been removed allowing you to use almost any keyboard key as a mod hotkey.  This also removes the need to disable your controller when typing in console, entering your character name in RaceMenu or any number of other occasions when having the controller enabled whilst using the keyboard would cause weirdness.

Removed some of the mouse mapping allowing you to use the mouse to navigate the ENB configuration panel without it also moving the camera or drawing/swinging your weapon.  One minor side effect of this is that to expand subsections you need to hover over the header with the mouse cursor and then use the keyboard right arrow to expand as for some reason it doesn’t register the mouse click (probably something to do with fixing the weapon swing thing)

When setting your keyboard hotkeys in your various mod MCMs and also when you come to set the links in the GAMEPAD++ MCM you would previously have needed to disable your controller for the keyboard key presses to register. However for your convenience Neo has kindly added the ability to toggle between input modes without having to actually turn off your controller.  By default you do this by hitting the CAPSLOCK key on your keyboard, althouh you can assign a different keyboard hotkey in the Advanced page of the MCM

Make sure you are pressing the button combos in the correct order (RB/B first then the combo key) otherwise they will not work.  RB+X is not the same as X+RB!

If you are loading this on an existing game and you find some of the buttons or combos not working as advertised open the main game settings/controls panel and Reset Defaults.  Also make sure you do not have Controlmap_Custom.txt in your main Skyrim folder.  Also the new input mode toggle may not work immediately after load if updating from a previous version. Save and reload once will fix this, as will enabling advanced mode and setting the hotkey there (even if you just set it to CAPS again)

If you choose to enable the fourth modifier option in Advanced Mode then make sure whichever key you choose does not have a single press action which will conflict (ie draw/sheath weapon, sneak, etc).  I personally use A for this but only use the A+ combos for things I'm not going to need in situations where I'd normally be pressing A for something else (opening/activating/charging spellsword and so on) so for things like Build Campfire, Toggle Actions (remove helmet, god mode, etc)

The zoom in/zoom out feature is there because it was available but disabled in the vanilla controlmap, however I would strongly recommend that instead of using this you spend one of your hotkey combos on
fadingsignal's far superior A Closer Look

If you are using QuickLoot you should not use DPad up/down single clicks as mod hotkeys or you will break the scrolling in the loot menus

If you are using Spellsword obviously do not set either LB, RB or B as your casting button!  I personally use A for this.  Actually come to think of it don't set LB, RB or B as hotkeys for anything - duh!

As stated above when navigating the ENB config panel with the mouse you can use the wheel adjusters no problem, but single mouse clicks don't register so to expand subsections simply hover over the header with the mouse and use the right/left arrows on your keyboard to expand/close them

The following mods are hard requirements for GAMEPAD++

Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE)
Better Gamepad Key Support - Version or later

Required if you want the Backup & Restore functionality

FileAccess Interface for Skyrim Script - FISS

GAMEPAD++ does not touch any vanilla records and as such should be fully compatible with everything.  The new key combo hotkey links are achieved through the use of a single extremely lightweight script which listens for the button combinations and calls the TapKey function to emulate whichever keyboard key press you have set each combination to emulate.

It should also be completely safe to merge

Make sure that the controlmap.txt from GAMEPAD++ is not being overwritten by another mod

As of 2.0 GAMEPAD++ includes a slightly edited version of favoritesmenu.swf to allow G++ to use RS click for Sneak without breaking the SkyUI Group/Ungroup functionality.  If you are using your own controlmap.txt which leaves RS click as Toggle POV simply delete or mohide favoritesmenu.swf from G++ to revert to the SkyUI original file.

GAMEPAD++, being my first mod, would not have been even remotely possible without the help and guidance I received from the following people:

NeoH4x0r for a LOT of the code and for checking I wasn't making a complete arse of it
Jaxonz for the MCM Helper which I used for making the MCM and which made life a lot easier
DarkFox127 for his amazing tutorial series on YouTube and for the encouragement
Morogoth and Xander9009 on DarkFox's Discord channel for even more scripting assistance
GrayKitsune and racoondance on the SESO Discord channel for the .dds help
Kojak747 for the shits and giggles ;)

The controlmap.txt I use started life as a combination of elements taken from the following two mods:

XBox 360 Controller Hotkeys and more by Sentry21 - I have included the English translation hotkey fix from this mod as well
Use both Xbox 360 controller and keyboard at the same time by bazza013