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One handed and two handed can be found in specific locations or crafted.

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Available For Skyrim Special Edition:



Update v1.3.1:
~Bug fixes

Update v1.3:
~Two handed version added.

Update v1.2.4:
Runes Improved see new screenshots

Update v1.2.3:
~I tweaked the mesh to have shorter guards:

Update v1.2.2:
~Balanced the speed of the sword and improved the normal map texture

Update v1.2.1:
~minor improvements

Update v1.2:

~The sword swings twice as fast now
~The critical damage was increased by 14

Update v1.1:
~Added the sword to an location called "Rebels cairn" where you will find it in the stone at the entrance.

This mod adds the excalibur sword to the game.One handed and two handed

Weapon info:

Damage: 45
Wieght: 13
Value: 1000

Damage: 55
Wieght: 17
Value: 1500

It is unenchanted so you can put your own enchantments on it and can also be improved at a grindstone.

Thank you Boxofbeer for your video!

Thank you DJ Red for your video!


Q: Where is it?
A: Find the one handed sword outside the rebels cairn south of solitude and the two handed sword in elders gleam sanctuary. I provided an image above.

Q: Can it be crafted?
A: Yes. Craft it under ebony at any blacksmith forge with the ebony smithing perk.

Q: What is the ID?
A: The ID depends on your game so to see the ID you must type in console: help "Excalibur"

Q: The two handed sword doesn't spawn for me, how do I fix this?
A: This is unfortunately something to do with skyrim I can't fix so either you should spawn it via the console or craft it.

Q: My damage is higher than it should be, is this normal?
A: Yes, the damage scales with your character level.