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Alecu and SgtMcBiscuits

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Alecu's fantastic Rogue Armor HD, converted to CBBE with full BodySlide support.

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This file is a conversion of Alecu's beautiful Rogue Armor HD.

Hot files, huh? Well don't I feel special.

It's been converted to CBBE, with full BodySlide support, and full (optional) HDT breast and butt physics.
On top of that, I've also included BodySlide zaps, so you can quickly take things off the outfit to your liking (see my screenshots).

The list of "Zappable" items:

Belts and Chains
Leg Straps

Then for the boots, you can also zap the fabric ties and the straps.


Without the original mod, this will be useless to you.
While you're at it, make sure to pick up the extra requirements. Namely, BodySlideCBBEXPMS or XPMSE and HDT Physics Extensions

Download with your favorite mod manager (or drag'n'drop into data, if you're into that)
Open BodySlide and navigate to the Rogue Armor HD. You'll find three options.
Build the boots no matter what. Next, decide if you are going to use HDT or not.
If you want HDT, build the outfit suffixed with HDT. Ignore the other file.


Help! I installed it and I can't find it anywhere in the game!
Install the required files

When I put it on in the game, there's hand/ankle seams and the body looks different!
Build it in BodySlide

Known Issues

Depending on the body, there can be some minor clipping and stretching. This is due to the way that BodySlide/OutfitStudio works. There is no real way around it. It's more obvious on this outfit than others because of the detail. However, if you have a moderate amount of clipping, let me know in the comments and I may be able to help out.

The weight painting isn't 100% accurate (namely, the chains in the back). You may notice some stretching in certain poses (i.e. while crouched). This is something that I am looking into fixing.

If you use the zaps for some items, it can leave odd black marks on the clothing underneath it. This isn't a glitch, it's because of how the outfit was textured for extra detail. It's not a bug. You can work around it by being smart with what you zap.

Wondering what's next in my conversions?
I'm currently working on...

To look forward to later...
Elite Rogue Armor

Be sure to check out my other files!