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It happened again, thanks everyone!



Raina is my shot at making an Asian inspired character (with heavy Korean and Japanese cues). Being that we're playing Skyrim here though, I have to call her Akaviri. 

Raina is intended to follow alongside the Blades storyline (although she has default interactions/dialogue). As a follower, you should meet Raina in Ivarstead in the Vilemyr Inn, right before journeying to High Hrothgar. Once you can, join the Blades at Sky Haven Temple; Raina will also be able to join if you choose. If you are brave enough, venture to Bruma (I can not stress how fantastic this mod is), and find out what became of the Blades at Cloud Ruler Temple.

So I guess a little backstory.

Raina is the singular heir of the late Akavir's Emperor of Men, who was unfortunately digested in the belly of a hungry Tsaesci. With no hope left, the Emperor's closest advisors fitted Raina in a set of armor to keep her safe, and froze her away in an unbreakable sarcophagus that was later lost in the currents of the Padomeic Ocean. She drifted for millennia and eventually found her way to Skyrim. Disoriented from suddenly waking from her slumber in Winterhold, she was met by a circle of curious College mages. Knowing that she could not journey back across the ocean for the foreseeable future, she sought help from the mages. She would tell them all she remembered about her mysterious homeland, and in return they would point her in the direction of Sky Haven Temple in Skyrim: the only reminder she has of her homeland. From there, she would become interested in the Blades of Cyrodiil and what had happened to them. For now, Raina currently resides in Ivarstead, where you, the Dragonborn, bump into her. A long journey awaits you, traveller.

Raina comes with 8k/4k body and face textures, and 4k makeup overlays. Performance textures are available.

I also want to credit HHaleyy, as I used her preset as the base for Raina. 

As always, I would love to see those screenshots and videos!

If you have any questions, post a comment and I'll try to reply ASAP.

Enjoy, and happy adventuring!



Race: Akaviri (Breton ingame)

Weight: 20

Eye Color: Mocha Brown

Marrigable: She's single, you're single (at least, hopefully, you freak ), you know the drill.

Location: Vilemyr Inn, Ivarstead

Class: 1 Handed

Weapon: Blades Katana

Voicetype: Young Eager

Skills: Levels with player

Installation Instructions

Read the quick instructions below, then use the installer! 


1. FNIS (not needed for UNP and CBBE)

2. XPMSE skeleton (not needed for UNP and CBBE)

3. HDT or BBP/TBBP (not needed for UNP and CBBE)

4.  (Optional) AFT for follower management

Install FNIS, XPMSE, and HDT, then launch fnisforusers, check the first two boxes, then patch.


There are 2 choices to choose from, ranging from your really cute neighbor to k-pop idol. 

Left to right: Soundwave, Sky.

Clothing/Armor Mods

I use UUNP, so many of these clothing/armor mods are made for that body mesh.

As always, what the clothing item looks like is in normal text, and what the actual ingame item name is in (parentheses) along with the link.

: Many of these websites are not on Skyrim Nexus, but all are trustworthy. I take no responsibility if you encounter any problems because of these mods!


Black Bodysuit (Nightingale Armor)

Gold/White Armored Bra (Princess Armor/Bra)

Blades looking Armor (Blades Armor with these meshes and this texture)


Sailor Style Uniform [image 3] (Romance Dress/Clothing)

Black or White Dress with golden ruffles (kasprutz dress)

Traditional Korean Clothing (Hanbok)

Gold and Black Japanese looking clothing [image 7] (Dragon Lilly)

Personal Customization

You can also change the body type to any kind you're using and textures if you choose. Simply install your meshes/textures over the ones provided and overwrite them in

data\textures\actors\character\Raina\face and body



Preset Requirements

Fair Skin Complexion (Use the tintmask too)
KS Hairdos 
Eyes of Beauty
YMMP Makeup (Loverslab)
Stoja Warpaints
Kai Makeup

SR Freckles

Install all of these mods, then install Raina's preset. Freckles should be number 9 on the complexion slider.

If there are neck seams, I have included the head sculpt. (showracemenu, set weight to 20, go to sculpt tab, press F9, then select Raina).


More Info
If you have any questions or comments, leave a post or message me.


Finally, please take a look at my Flickr if you want to be updated on my future projects!

Thank you for reading and downloading!


Racemenu by Expired
KS Hairdos by Stealthic, Kalilies, Shocky
Brows  by Hvergelmir
Eyes of Beauty by LogRaam
The Witcher 3 Eyes by Oaristys
Kai's Makeup by XarathosHawke 
SR Freckles by StephieRawx
Racemenu Overlay Compilation by TheOniNinja
YevMod's Makeup Pack (On LL) by YevMod
Stoja Warpaint (Makeup) by Veeblix
UNP by Dimon99
UNPB by XP32
SeveNBase by Wast1980
CBBE by Caliente
Raven Warpaints by t56yr
Fair Skin Complexion by Hhaleyy