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A lightweight mod that adds a slow time effect that can be adjusted during use.

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I was honestly surprised nobody had made this yet.

[What This Mod Does]

This mod gives you access to several hotkeys that control the activation and magnitude of a slow time effect. The strength of the effect can be adjusted while using it, meaning you can watch as time gradually gets slower or faster. You can also use this effect to speed up in-game time.

During this effect, your character can move freely.

The hotkeys and their functions:

  • Activate: Turns the effect on or off
  • Increase Speed: Hold this hotkey in while in-game to speed up the slow time effect
  • Decrease Speed: Hold this hotkey in while in-game to slow down the slow time effect
  • Reset: Quickly sets the magnitude of the slow time effect to 1 (normal game speed). This is handy if you'd like to play the game with the effect always on
  • Adjust Rate: Use this key in combination with the increase and decrease keys to adjust the rate at which they will affect the slow time effect

Finally, the MCM menu also includes sliders for both the magnitude of the slow time effect and the rate at which the increase/decrease keys work.

[Installation + Compatibility]

Requires both SKSE and SkyUI. Installation is standard, and no mods should prevent this one from working (unless they tweak a hard-coded effect)

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