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Makes a secret entrance from next to Riften maingate to Ragged Flagon in Thieves guild.

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I published this first at Steam Workshop, but now releasing it also here. (Subscription link:

This mod makes a secret entrance to Ragged Flagon in Thieves guild. Located at Riften maingate, behind the house next to road and bush.
Inside Ragged Flagon it is also a trapdoor down. Consider it as a hidden tunnel network :)

Pathing map is corrected at Riften and Ragged Flagon, so that hirelings will be able to go through it normally.  (It's left as is in 1.2)

Also, i am aware of other mods that add similar entrance, but this mod takes use of *Riften* fast travel point, not *Thieves Guild* one. At least in my version of Skyrim the Thieves guild travel icon is smaller and possibly little bugged, when it comes to trying to point it with cursor. But also, if Thieves guild assign you a task in Riften, the entrance is easier to find, than going to the graveyard.

Version history:
- Now requires a key, which is hidden in the Thieves guild bardesk. So you at least need to visit the place normal way once.

- Remade mod from scratch.
- Clean with TES5Edit.
- Trapdoor in Ragged Flagon is now a ladder up instead.
- Box that was in place of ladder, is now dropped in water instead of placed on the bridge.

- Added black rectangle under both trapdoors. This should hide grass that was showing when hatch was opened.