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Alterna, an artificial element of magic, invented far beyond 4th era.
A spell pack with high-quality Alterna spells, a mage follower, and a giant pet robot.
The first standalone add-on of The Final Cataclysm.

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                                                                         0:04 Void Razor.
                                                                         1:37 Alterna Warp.
                                                                         3:26 Alterna Rune. (In the video, the rune won't trigger on Whiterun people for some reason)
                                                                         4:54 Phasing Lance.
                                                                         6:18 Pulverizer Beam.


    Here is the base mod (SE), more content and a questline:The Final Cataclysm

    Here is the link to the SE version: A L T E R N A



Alterna, an artificial element of magic, invented far beyond 4th era.
The aim of this mod is to deliver spells that are different from other spell mods.
This add-on includes 5 spells with high-quality custom effects, a follower service, and a giant robot pet.

Three rogue Psiijic mage members travelled back in time and stay at Raven Rock to avoid contact with the mainland. Korvus and Reina sibling, and an artificially created lizard mage "Nora".
They are here to test their inventions, Alterna spells, based on the void power that harvested from void Chaos Relics.


- Able to travel to Solstheim.

- All official DLCs. Dawnguard, Hearthfires, and Dragonborn.


- 5 high-quality unique spells, each with custom effects and ability never to be seen in Skyrim.

- A mage follower service, who utilize in Alterna spells as well.

- A giant Nemesis AMT robot for purchase as a pet.

- Few unique bonus items.


 Interact with the Concealment Machine in front of the temple in Raven Rock to enable NPCs in town. You can activate the machine to disable/enable NPCs at any time.

 To obtain spells, talk to Korvus in Raven Rock, he will sell you spell tomes and scrolls. You can find him sitting next to the Dream Generator device in front of the temple, he sometimes wanders around near the dock area. His store is leveled, you will find a more powerful spell as you leveled up. Be sure to check his store from time to time for higher level spells and new spells.

 To obtain a follower service and a pet robot, talk to Reina in Raven Rock, she sells them. You can find her walking on the town wall, near the temple or outside the city gate. The follower (Apprentice Nora) can be found on the town wall as well.
 Reina also sells a set of Psiijic shadow outfit. (Only boots and a robe)

 The Anti-Material Nemesis is located outside the town. He can be ordered to stay still or follow you. You can just put him in front of your house if you don't want him to follow.

To enter the test cell, type "coc AlternaTestCell"
It contains almost every item in the mod, with a small walkway to test spells.


There are 5 spells, each with 3 different level, normal, greater and pure. Damage and Magicka cost increases with each higher level.(15 in total)

- Better mobility and adaptability than vanilla spells.
- Better offensive capability in general.
- Penetrate every kind of resistance.

- Need more Magicka to cast.
- Does not benefit from any Augmented elemental perk.

  Void Razor
  Novice Spell. Can be cast using either hand.
Fire four magical razors that do 12/24/36 points of damage per blade and stagger the target.

  Alterna Warp
  Apprentice Spell. Can be cast using either hand.
Creates a hostile Alterna Sphere that explodes for 30/60/90 damage and staggers the target.
(Alterna Fragment Sphere/Alterna Power Sphere/Intense Alterna Sphere, depends on level)

  Alterna Rune
  Expert Spell. Can be cast using either hand.
Cast on a nearby surface, it explodes for 40/60/80 damage and spawns few hostile Alterna Spheres, each explodes for 30/60/90 damage and staggers the target. Have a larger trigger radius than regular rune spells. (Actor trigger radius, not an impact radius)
(Alterna Fragment Sphere/Alterna Power Sphere/Intense Alterna Sphere, depends on level)

  Phasing Lance
  Expert Spell. Can be cast using either hand.
A phasing void lance that does 90/135/180 points of damage. Can travel through everything until it hits with an actor.

  Pulverizer Beam
  Master Spell. Can be cast using either hand.
Target takes 180/240/300 points of damage per second to Health and stagger. Turns the target into a pile of ash on defeat.



Feel free to do anything with this mod, I'm happy if you can make something out of this.
For using an asset that is not originally mine, you have to give the original author a credit as well.
Translating the mod or uploading to the other site is welcome as well.

Thanks for enjoying the mod!