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Delphine.. She often give to Dovakin a tasks, empty tasks to decide her problems. Talmor and etc. But you can stop her! You are Dovakin and Blades must to serve you! You are not her dog!

Bethesda didn't give a choice for Plyers in quest-dialogues. "Go and do it" No any variants. This module allows you to choose - follow the quest of Delphine or to refuse its? The linearity of the game ties the hands. With this module the player will have the option to not follow the linearity, and to dictate the rules. without breaking the lore of the game. This mod adds a player of the ability, and it is very valuable!
The quests: "diplomatic immunity" and "rat in the ratway" could be stoped by your own decision!


  • Skyrim Legendary Edition 1.9 or higher(maybe lower, not played)
  • To install the mod before a starting of quest "Diplomatic Immunity" (this quest will start after a battle with dragon Solakniir). Strictly "before"
  • Before meating with Delfine to complete a mini-quest of Riften with Brignjolf on the market. "Steal the ring and meet me in the hole". Well, you know. 
  • The quest itself bug-ing, it is better to finish Bringjolf quest in market.
  • not to run there-here is to communicate with the Delphine. 
  • Discuss all needed dialogs, and then go wherever you need.
  • to do not use consoles on quests with the Delphine. If don't, not be surprised by the misstakes in the game.
  • after a battle with Salacniir, give the horn greybeards, learn the third word, only then go to the tavern to Delphine for her "idea how to take you to the Embassy"
  • do not poke through the branches of the dialogues as Piano. Let the Delphine to finish her speach.

(Basically, just install and play, but better to write everything for you)
  • Delphine appoints a meeting in the tavern of Riverwood, mean: is thought to enter the Embassy. When speaking with her she will ask you a question :"are there any Questions?" Here and look for a new topics of a dialogue with her (see screenshots) She'll be upset and she'll go away
  • Speak with her once again and wish her to search her Esbern by herself, She's in tears runs away to look for he by herself.
  • And you may go on to play in Skyrim. Just look sometimes at the quest marker Delphine. When she return back to Riverwood, go and meet them both, her and Esbern.
  • That's all.

Watch this video:

And else..
This mod does not replace and does not break anything Lorne. It adds the ability to play 
by your own rules. And leaves the opportunity to do her quests. Want you  come on 
plan, or want you to send her home - The choice is yours. It's more of an addon for quests Delfine, but 
not a substitute.

Not detected. If would bugs, I won't published it.
When a Delphine goes in search of Esbern, they both stay in the area 
Aversted and standing still. But it's not a bug, it is a requirement of the stage script to 
dragonborn was present at the meeting of the two Blades. You may go and meat them
That's all.

- Repack the archive to the game-folder. It useful to use a MO or NMM.
- Remove all files of the mod
- create a new clear saving
- re-run the Game and play.
The order-list place:
anywhere! I use it in the down of order-list

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