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The Ultimate Perktastic Experience

Perkapalooza is a massive perk overhaul that fits seamlessly into the standard vanilla experience. It builds on existing perks by adding new ranks, so each perk tree feels familiar to the tree you know and love, while also adding new perks to the trees that feel like they should have been included all along. This focuses on character building and allowing you to pile your skills into the areas that suit your character. As the spiritual successor to great mods like Uncapped Perks by Liberta and Legendary Uncapped Perks by sillumlt (compatible version available) Perkapalooza keeps every vanilla perk and is as low maintenance as possible from the user perspective.

There is a tl;dr at the end if you don't care about the specifics. The mod is as easy to use as the vanilla perks.


Version 1.1 - Fixes a typo in the final Armsman perk that caused a drop in damage. My bad. Simply replace the file manually or with NMM. No need to fully uninstall or anything, files can just be overwritten.

~General Overview~

This awesome video by Boxofbeer showcases Perkapalooza and several other great mods. Perkapalooza is shown at 7:48.

New Ranks on Old Perks

There are four versions of this mod. The main file doesn't require anything but SKSE and the latest version of Skyrim. The 150 version requires Elys Community Uncapper and all perks have ranks up until the skill hits level 150. For the main file, perks that required a level above 100 have had their requirement reduced to 100, so there are several perks with several perks that become instantly available at level 100. In both versions, initial leveling starts off slightly more slowly than in vanilla but increases quickly as you reach higher levels. Both the main file and the secondary file have a version that is compatible with the Perkapalooza version of Legendary Uncapped Perks, keeping the MCM and Legendary Perks.

For a comparison, below is the Vanilla Armsman perk and the Perkapalooza Armsman Perk:

Level 0 - 20% One Handed Damage Bonus
Level 20 - 40% One Handed Damage Bonus
Level 40 - 60% One Handed Damage Bonus
Level 60 - 80% One Handed Damage Bonus
Level 80 - 100% One Handed Damage Bonus

Level 0 - 10% One Handed Damage Bonus
Level 20 - 15% One Handed Damage Bonus
Level 35 - 20% One Handed Damage Bonus
Level 50 - 30% One Handed Damage Bonus
Level 65 - 40% One Handed Damage Bonus
Level 80 - 50% One Handed Damage Bonus
Level 90 - 60% One Handed Damage Bonus
Level 100 - 75% One Handed Damage Bonus
Level 110 - 90% One Handed Damage Bonus
Level 120 - 110% One Handed Damage Bonus
Level 135 - 130% One Handed Damage Bonus
Level 150 - 150% One Handed Damage Bonus

That sums up he general philosophy of Perkapalooza. In vanilla Skyrim you have 5 perks of sadness and in Perkapalooza you have 12 perks of awesomeness. In the main file the last five perks are all available once one-handed reaches level 100. In the level 150 version the perks are available as shown. 

Completely New Perks

The mod also comes with a variety of new perks focusing on character creation, ease of skill use, or simply having fun. The perks are outlined below in more detail according to their respective skill trees. A highlight of some of the more exciting perks:

Second Wind- Reduces cooldown time between shouts (10 ranks)
Gifted - Learn all skills more quickly (15 ranks)
Boogeyman - Attacks with maces on sleeping targets do more damage 
Marathoner - Increases movement speed (10 ranks)
Child's Play - Novice Destruction spells do more damage (10 ranks)
Reputation - Buying and selling prices are improved after defeating Alduin/Harkon/Miraak (3 ranks)

And many many more catering to all types of preferences and gameplay.

New Methods of Receiving Perk Points

Perkapalooza increases the total number of available perks from 251 to a whopping 822 (plus or minus my math errors). Obviously, this is not a realistic change using only perk points gained from leveling up. So the lockpicking tree now includes perks that place Perk Point Potions on bandits, citizens, undead, and dragons. I would recommend taking these perks relatively early to prevent a frustratingly slow leveling experience.

You can also use mods like Deadly Dragons or Perk Point Book - SKSE that give perk points in other ways. I think that the perks that add potions to bandits allow for a gradual accumulation of perk points that is balanced without being strictly tied to the leveling system.

  • Skyrim
  • Dawnguard
  • Heartfires
  • Dragonborn
  • Update
  • SKSE (There is a video by Gopher that is extremely helpful if you are unsure)
  • Elys Community Uncapper (For the main version, not required for level 100 version)
  • Legendary Uncapped Perks (For either version requiring it)

I will not be making a version that does not require those first six things. I just don't have the motivation. The DLCs are required because Perkapalooza uses magic effects and perk additions added by the DLCs. SKSE is required and there's no way around that at the moment. [/left]
Mods No Longer Required with Perkapalooza Installed

Perkapalooza has ranks in a variety of perks that make other mods unnecessary through duplicating their functionality. Those include but are not limited to:
  • Mods that increase the number of summons allowed by Twin Souls (Perkapalooza maxes out at 8)
  • Mods that increase the number of enchantments allowed by extra effect (Perkapalooza maxes out at 6)
  • Mods like Perks Unbound (Duplicates functionality)
  • Mods that allow Allure to apply to both sexes (duplicates functionality)
  • My previous mod Catlike (Included in Perkapalooza)
  • Uncapped Perks by Liberta (Duplicates functionality)

Incompatible Mods
  • Legendary Uncapped Perks by sillumlt (Duplicates functionality, a version is available to keep the Legendary Master Perks and MCM aspects)
  • Major perk overhauls like Perma and SkyRe are not even remotely compatible
  • Generally speaking, mods that alter individual perks may be compatible with TESV Edit, but no promises
  • Perkapalooza modifies some leveled lists and may require a bashed patch

Perkapalooza does what it can to maintain functionality with other mods. No vanilla perks are removed, so NPCs that have certain perks will still have those perks (They may be slightly nerfed but it's not noticeable in regular gameplay). If you have a perk mod that you would like to see a patch for please leave a message in the comments section and I will take a look at it. As far as I can tell, mods like Complete Crafting Overhaul and Legendary Smithing Upgrades that primarily alter recipes and not perks are compatible.

Perkapaloza DOES NOT require a new game to install or to uninstall. I wouldn't really recommend you uninstall it mid-playthrough just in case there's an issue, but upon uninstallation all of the perk trees will revert to their normal states. It's worked every time I've tried it. You can give the mod a try on an old character.

~Perk Trees~
The speechcraft, lockpicking, and pickpocket trees have undergone the most dramatic transformations. The general layout of each tree is still there and easily recognizable, but they have received significant additions to improve the experience. Other trees are the same in layout and design.


If you want to be a rich homosexual dark elf that has a fetish for khajiits and hates all types of male humans, Perkapalooza if the mod for you! Speechcraft has been re-imagined into the Influence tree. This tree is focused on character creation, allowing you to immersively interact with NPCs as you believe your character should. Perks such as Allure have been given a complimentary Charm perk for members of the same sex, because it's disgraceful that people can't go around bashing bandits upside the head without having the opportunity to be sexually liberated. The tree has two main branches, one for positive interactions and one for negative interactions.

Base Perk:
Second Wind - Reduces cooldown time between shouts (10 ranks)

Positive Interactions:
New Perks:
Charm - Prices are better for members of the same sex (3 ranks)
Guardian - Take less damage when you have the gift of charity (4 ranks)
Human Touch - Better prices from humans
Creature Comforts - Better prices from Orcs, Khajiits, and Argonians
Mer-aculous - Better Prices from elves
Gilded - Damage bonus and better prices when you have a lot of gold (3 ranks)
Gorgeous Body - Better prices and more damage when naked (jewelry can be worn, 2 ranks)
Showmanship - Better prices when wearing a full set of dragon armor (2 ranks)
Reputation - Better prices after defeating Alduin/Harkon/Miraak (3 ranks)

New Ranks:
Haggling (5 ranks)
Allure (3 ranks)

Investor, Merchant, Master Trader, Persuasion

Negative Interactions:
New Perks:
Misogyny - More damage to females (3 ranks)
Misandry - More damage to males (3 ranks)
Bigotry - More damage to humans
Pride - More damage to elves
Prejudice - More damage to Orcs, Khajiits, and Argonians
Stalker - More damage to enemies that are fleeing or sleeping (3 ranks)
Desperation - Damage bonus when you have less than 5 gold (3 ranks)
Wanted - Damage bonus when you have a bounty for a crime/violent crime (3 ranks)

Bribery, Intimidation, Fence


Lockpicking has been significantly expanded into the Fortune tree. It now covers both treasure hunting and general luck. Get it? Fortune like riches and fortune like good luck? It's clever. I'm so clever. This tree is now essential because it is the main method of obtaining perks to spend. Perks like Self-Improvement, Growth Spurt, and Economy increase the frequency of perk point potions appearing in the loot lists for various enemies.

Base Perk:
Dexterity- Combination of the Novice-Master lockpicking perks (5 ranks)

New Perks:
Self-Improvement - Chance to find perk point potions on bandits (4 ranks) 
Economy - Perk point potions can be found on undead, vampires, citizens, and other enemies (3 ranks)
Growth Spurt - Chance to find perk point potions that grant 2, 3, or 4 perk points (3 ranks)
Diamond Eyes - Chance to find gems on most enemies
Dragon Slayer - Dragon loot contains more gold/a 4-perk perk point potion (2 ranks)

New Ranks:
Treasure Hunter (4 ranks)

Unchanged (except for level requirements):
Golden Touch, Locksmith, Quick Hands, Wax Key, Unbreakable


Pickpocket has been mildly expanded to include intelligence. Perks such as Gifted, Scholar, and Study all increase the speed that you can gain experience in all skill areas.

Base Perk:
Gifted - Boosted rate of experience gain for all skills (15 ranks)

New Perks:
Scholar - Reading any book for the first time grants Prodigy experience (5 ranks)
Study - Skill books grant 2/3/4/5 skill levels (4 ranks)

New Ranks:
Light Fingers (6 ranks)

Night Thief, Poisoned, Catpurse, Keymaster, Misdirection, Perfect Touch, Prowler


New Perks:
Pressure Points - Unarmed attacks do extra damage when sneaking (4 ranks) 
Catlike - Reduced damage from falling (4 ranks)
Boogeyman - Attacks with maces do 15x extra damage on sleeping targets when sneaking 

New Ranks:
Deadly Aim, Backstab, and Assassins Blade have all had their first rank reduced. 15x damage for daggers after one perk is ridiculous.
Deadly Aim (4 ranks)
Backstab (4 ranks)
Assassin's Blade (4 ranks)
Stealth (10 ranks)

Muffled Movement, Lightfoot, Silent Roll, Silence, Shadow Warrior


New Perks:
Frugality - Chance to make multiple potions when mixing ingredients (8 ranks)
Silver Spoon - Created Fortify Barter potions are stronger (4 ranks)
Incapacitation - Created Paralysis poisons are stronger (5 ranks)
Familiarity - Pickpocketing potions and poisons has greater success (3 ranks)

New Ranks:
Alchemist (10 ranks)
Poisoner (6 ranks)
Physician (6 ranks)
Benefactor (6 ranks)
Concentrated Poison (7 ranks) 
Green Thumb (4 ranks)
Snakeblood (3 ranks)

Experimenter, Purify


Smithing has been reworked so that you no longer receive a tempering bonus from taking the first perk. Additional perks must be taken to increase tempering ability. Perks have also been added for weapon and armor type specializations. 

New Perks:
One Handed Smithing (6 ranks)
Two Handed Smithing (6 ranks)
Dagger Smithing (6 ranks)
Bow Smithing (6 ranks)
Light Armor Smithing (8 ranks)
Heavy Armor Smithing (8 ranks)

New Ranks:
Steel Smithing (4 perks)
Elven Smithing (4 perks)
Advanced Armors (4 perks)
Glass Smithing (4 perks)
Dwarven Smithing (4 perks)
Orcish Smithing (4 perks)
Ebony Smithing (4 perks)
Daedric Smithing (4 perks)
Dragon Smithing (4 perks)

Arcane Blacksmith


New Ranks:

Enchanter (10 ranks)
Fire Enchanter (8 ranks)
Frost Enchanter (8 ranks)
Storm Enchanter (8 ranks)
Insightful Enchanter (6 ranks)
Corpus Enchanter (6 ranks)
Soul Squeezer (3 ranks)
Soul Siphon (6 ranks)
Extra Effect (5 ranks)


New Ranks:

Shield Wall (8 ranks)

Quick Reflexes, Bower Bash, Deadly Bash, Disarming Bash, Shield Charge, Elemental Protection, Block Runner

I don't really use shields.

Heavy Armor
New Ranks:
Juggernaut (12 ranks)
Well Fitted (4 ranks)
Tower of Strength (4 ranks)
Cushioned (3 ranks)

Fists of Steel, Matching Set, Reflect Blows, Conditioning

Light Armor

Perks such as Custom Fit that in vanilla require a helmet still do for their first rank. The difference in this mod is that a new perk, Peripheral Vision, has been added. When you take Peripheral Vision perks that required a helmet no longer require them. That took a lot of work so please appreciate it.

New Perks:
Marathoner - Increases movement speed by up to 50% (10 ranks)
Peripheral Vision - A helmet is no longer required for other perk bonuses (3 ranks)
Hardening - Chance to take 50% damage from magic attacks (4 ranks)
Reflection - Chance to take no damage from magic attacks (4 ranks)
Subtle - You are harder to detect when wearing light armor (5 ranks)

New Ranks:
Agile Defender (12 ranks)
Custom Fit (4 ranks)
Unhindered (3 ranks)
Matching Set (3 ranks)
Deft Movement (4 ranks)

One Handed

New Perks:
Knife Combat - Daggers do more damage and have a higher chance for critical hit (10 ranks)
Torturer - Daggers do more damage when not sneaking (10 ranks)
Confrontation - Other one handed weapons do more damage when not sneaking (3 ranks)
Startle - Attacks with one handed weapons briefly silence magic users (4 ranks)
Frenzy - Swing faster with one handed weapons (2 ranks)

New Ranks:
Armsman (12 ranks)
Dual Flurry (4 ranks)
Hack and slash (3 ranks)
Bone Breaker (3 ranks)
Bladesman (5 ranks)
Dual Savagery (3 ranks)
Fighting Stance (4 ranks)

Savage Strike, Critical Charge, Paralyzing Strike

Two Handed

New Perks:
Brutality - Attacks with two handed weapons do more damage when not sneaking (3 ranks)
Soft Spot - Attacks with two handed weapons have a chance to deal ten times damage (4 ranks)
Blood and Glory - Attacks with greatswords and battle axes have a chance to deal bleeding damage (4 ranks)
Daze - Attacks with two handed weapons have a chance to paralyze the target. Bonus chance for warhammers (4 ranks)
Heavy Lifting - Attacks with two handed weapons have a chance to stagger if wearing heavy armor (4 ranks)
Goliath - If wearing heavy armor, attacks with two handed weapons deal extra damage to a blocking enemy (4 ranks)

New Ranks:
Barbarian (12 ranks)
Limbsplitter (3 ranks)
Deep Wounds (4 ranks)
Skullcrusher (4 ranks)
Devastating Blow (4 ranks)

Great Critical Charge, Sweep, Warmaster


New Perks:
Frontal Assault - Attacks with bows do more damage when not sneaking (3 ranks)
Arrow to the Knee - Attacks with bows have a chance to slow the target (3 ranks)

New Ranks:
Overdraw (12 ranks)
Critical Shot (5 ranks)
Quick Shot (4 ranks)
Bullseye (3 ranks)

Eagle Eye, Hunter's Discipline, Ranger, Power Shot


New Perks:
Child's Play - Novice Destruction spells deal more damage (10 ranks)
Simmering - Fire Breath shouts deal more damage (6 ranks)
Sheer Cold - Frost Breath shouts deal more damage (6 ranks)
Relentless - Unrelenting Force shouts deal more damage (6 ranks)

New Ranks:
Novice Destruction (4 ranks)
Apprentice Destruction (4 ranks)
Adept Destruction (4 ranks)
Expert Destruction (4 ranks)
Master Destruction (4 ranks)
Augmented Fire (5 ranks)
Augmented Frost (5 ranks)
Augmented Shock (5 ranks)
Rune Master (4 ranks)

Destruction Dual Casting, Impact, Intense Flames, Deep Freeze, Disintegrate


New Perks:
Healer - Combination of Novice-Master restoration perks. Reduces restoration cost. (7 ranks)
Meditation - Stamina regenerates more quickly (8 ranks)
Recovery - Magicka regenerates more quickly (8 ranks)
Rejuvenation - Health regenerates more quickly (8 ranks)
Bane - Attacks against the undead deal more damage (5 ranks)
Revival - Spells that heal others have a greater magnitude (4 ranks)

New Ranks:
Necromage (4 ranks)
Ward Absorb (3 ranks)

Respite, Restoration Dual Casting, Avoid Death


New Ranks:
Summoner (4 ranks)
Atromancy (4 ranks)
Dark Souls (5 ranks)
Necromancy (4 ranks)
Master Conjuration (3 ranks)
Legion (Previously Twin Souls, 6 ranks)

Novice-Expert Conjuration, Mystic Binding, Conjuration Dual Casting, Elemental Potency, Soul Stealer, Oblivion Binding


New Perks:
Solid Footing - Avoid stagger when casting magic from any school (4 ranks)

New Ranks:
Master Illusion (4 ranks)

The rest of the tree. Illusion is plenty overpowered as it is.


New Perks:
Expertise - Combination of Novice-Master Alteration perks (7 ranks)
Featherweight - Increased carry weight (Moved from pickpocket, 6 ranks)
Malice - Telekinesis spells do more damage (4 ranks)
Effortless - Telekinesis spells cost less to cast (2 ranks)
Resist Paralysis - Most paralysis effects have no effect on the player

New Ranks:
Mage Armor (3 ranks)
Stability (5 ranks)
Magic Resistance (5 ranks)
Atronach (5 ranks)

Alteration Dual Casting

Legendary Uncapped Perks Compatibility 

Each file has an optional version that is compatible with the Perkapalooza version of Legendary Uncapped Perks. This keeps the MCM for magic scaling and the Legendary Master Perks, which are a fantastic addition to any playthrough. I would highly recommend giving the LegendUP version a try. The .esp's are 100% interchangeable and you can download and switch out any version at any time, so until the Perkapalooza version of LegendUP is posted feel free to download the regular version of Perkapalooza.


Q: What is this?
A: It's a perk mod

Q: What is the difference between the different versions?
(1) Main file - Does not require the Uncapper, skills go to level 100
(2) Secondary File - Requires Elys Uncapper, skills go to level 150
(3) Main file with LegendUP - Requires Perkaplooza version of LegendUP, skills go to level 100
(4) Secondary file with LegendUP - Requires Perkaplooza version of LegendUP, skills go to level 150 (I use this one)

Q: What order/where in the load order should these go?
A: If you have a version that requires Elys Uncapper and/or LegendUP, those need to go before Perkapalooza in your load order. As to where Perkapalooza goes, it shouldn't matter if you don't have other perk mods. If you do do have other perk mods then idk. Trial and error it.

Q: How in blazes am I supposed to get 800 perk points?
A: The lockpicking tree.

Q: I took every perk in smithing, archery, destruction, sneak, light armor, and enchanting and now my Chaos Damage bow with 5 other fire enchantments fully tempered does 82 billion damage and I killed Alduin in one hit. Your mod broke my game.
A: No you broke your game. Get a mod that makes your game harder. Or, you know, show a little restraint. 

Q: The perk [blank] has a bug/problem.
A: Rats. Please post a report in the Bugs discussion. The mod has been extensively tested but it's always possible I missed something.

Q: Is this mod compatible with [Insert random Korean translated shoe size mod here]?
A: I don't know. I only use Tibetan shoe mods.

Q: The speechcraft tree is broken because the perks can be taken beyond a point of the buying/selling bonuses having an effect.
A: That is deliberate. It's also not a question.

Q: This mod sucks and the other major perk mods are better.
A: Your mom sucks. 

Q: So I opened your mod is TESVEdit and why is everything red? Isn't that really bad?
A: It's not really bad. There's a few reasons for everything being red. Perkapalooza changes some level requirements that are present in the DLCs, so it counts it as an override even though nothing significant is changed. There are also several perks where tangential aspects are changed (such as the Perk Entry Point) and TESVEdit can't tell the difference in the same way that the Creation Kit can. I assure you that the mod is safe to use. A few minor changes overwrite changes in the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch (such as the change to the Gift of Charity) but the perks have been altered in a way that maintains there functionality. If you have a question about anything I insist that you post it in the discussions section.

Q: Your mod has scripts! SCCCCRRRRIPPPPTTTTS! Hsssssssss.
A: Yes it does. The scripts will not in any way impact performance. Most of them are single fire scripts that change a custom global variable then go away forever. Once again, if you have questions about the scripts please feel free to post them in the discussions section.


sillumlt - Legendary Uncapped Perks is an amazing mod and the framework that this mod was created from. The MCM and Legendary Perks from LegendUP greatly add to any playthrough and I would highly recommend a LegendUP version of this mod.

Daiyus - The script used in The Eloquent Reader was altered for this mod to grant prodigy experience. Diayus is awesome for allowing his work to be used as a free resource and you should check out his work as well.