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Add to the "powerful" melody of SKYRIM Dragon Ball Super Music for SKYRIM Music .

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This mod replaces Skyrim Warriors music to become Skyrim Fighter music
enjoy !


Dragon Ball Super: Broly

Dragon Ball Super: Broly Original Soundtrack

Dragon Ball Super: Broly Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack of Dragon Ball Super: Broly It was released on December 12, 2018.

Track listing :

Birth of Freeza's Army
Ruled by Freeza
Broli's Potential
Paragus' Rage
Dragon Ball Super: Broly Theme
Broli on the Frontier
Freeza's Scheme, Premonition of Death
Bardock Falls
Vegeta's Irritation
The Adventure Begins
Bulma's Wish: Another Five Years
Freeza's Wish: Another Five Centimeters
The Wild Child, Broli
An Unexpected Bounty
Broli's Sorrowful Situation
Memories of Bah
Freeza and Broli
Broli Begins to Battle
Awakened Power
Kakarrot vs.. Broli
Broli Evolves
Prelude to a Comeback
Broli's Rage and Sorrow
Will They Fuse ?!
The Birth of Gogeta!
The World in Danger
Broli vs. Gogeta ~ Theme Song
Omen of Battle
Full-Force Kamehameha
Freeza's Ambition
Friendship with Broli
I’m Kakarrot
Blizzard (Movie Edit)


Dragon Ball Super: Original 2

 Dragon Ball Super Original Soundtrack -Vol. 2-

Dragon Ball Super: Original Soundtrack -Vol. 2- is the second official soundtrack of Dragon Ball Super. It was released on February 28, 2018 on CD in Japan only. The soundtrack includes the second opening, ninth ending, and background music from the "Future" Trunks Saga and the Universe Survival Saga. Track tracks are created by Norihito Sumitomo.

Track listing :

Disc 1
Limit-Break x Survivor (TV Size)
Chōzetsu ☆ Dynamic! (Hero Ver.)
Warrior Spirit
Zero Mortal Plan
Trunks and Mai
A Mother's Love
Death-Match with Goku Black
Solving the Mysterious Puzzle
Fistfight Battle
Zamasu's Overwhelming Power
Humiliating Defeat
The Birth of Merged Zamasu
Heroic Battle
Trunks the Savior
The Mortals' Hymn
Pledge of Peace
The Omni-King's Wrath
Triumphant Return
Chōzetsu ☆ Dynamic! (Defeat Ver.)
Chōzetsu ☆ Dynamic! (Sorrowful Ver.)
An Eerie Foe
Limit-Break x Survivor (Instrumental Type A)
Jiren's Theme
Prelude to Battle
Universe 7 in Trouble
Unknown Territory
The Wall Before One's Eyes
Limit-Break x Survivor (Instrumental Type B)
The Boys' Adventure
Distant Journey
Camouflage Battle

Disc 2
Shady Scheme
Desperate Plan
Gorgeous Warriors
Knockout Blow
Precious Comrades
Omni-King's Theme
Strongarm Battle
Limit-Break x Survivor (Relaxed Ver.)
Instant-Kill Battle
Aim for the Top
Formidable Foe
Hope Towards
Limit-Break x Survivor (Irregular Battle Ver.)
Limit-Break x Survivor (Peace Ver.)
Limit-Break x Survivor (Preview)
Fierce Battle against a Mighty Foe
Dream Tag Match
A Fearsome Foe
The Power to Resist
A Secret Plan with One's Life on the Line
Unwinnable Battle
The Final Death-Match
The Kaioshins' Scheme
Strategy Conference
Limit-Break x Survivor (Instrumental Type C)
Our Hero, Son Goku
Haruka (TV Size)


Dragon Ball Super: Original

Dragon Ball Super Original Soundtrack

Dragon Super Ball: The original Soundtrack is the first Dragon Ball Super soundtrack. It was only released on February 24, 2016 on CD in Japan. The music can be expanded, combined, and music and sound. The background music in the game Norihito Sumitomo.

Track listing :

The soundtrack includes seventy tracks. Some of those tracks include size versions of the opening and ending themes (previously released in CD Singles episode recap and preview music, and more.)

Disc 1
Chōzetsu ☆ Dynamic! (TV Size)
Toward Tomorrow
Believe in Yourself
Believe in Yourself (String Version)
A Strong Enemy Appears
A Tough Battle
Crushing Defeat
Omen of Victory
Turning the Tables
Super Saiyan God
Beerus' Planet
Beerus' Tea Time
Beerus' Madness
Vegeta's Strength
Team Dragon's Theme
Where's Goku ?!
Under the Blue Sky
Chaotic Streets
Party Scene
Romantic Evening
Like That Cloud
Tropical Island Scene
Fire Dance
The Earth's Fate
The Pilaf Gang's Plan
The Pilaf Gang Runs Away
I am the Best in the World
The Infinite Universe
The Birth of a God
Pleasant Friends From Pluto
Trouble Erupts
Feeling Each Other Out
CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA (Days of Battle)
Preview A
Preview B
Preview C
Eyecatch A
Eyecatch B

Disc 2
Pleasant Days
Goten & Trunks' Mischief
The Gods of Destruction Selection Tournament
Champa's Theme
The Fatso Waltz
Freeza is Resurrected
Freeza's Scheme
A Bad Premonition
The Terror of Freeza’s Army
Inescapable Fear
Rushing Into Battle
An Antagonistic Battle
Freeza's Chosen Ones
Golden Freeza's Theme
Formidable Opponent
Time to Strike Back
A Break in the Battle
Blue Saiyan
The Death Match Winds Down
Training With Whis
Endless Training
Unfamiliar Work
Freeza's Penance
Here's Jaco!
The Gods of Destruction Selection Tournament Kicks Off!
Space is Vast !!
Mysterious Alien # 1
Mysterious Alien # 2
Hello Hello Hello (TV Size)



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