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When active, friendly NPCs will not be damaged by your attacks or spells and will not turn hostile when struck. Also, stray spells or attacks from NPCs not currently hostile to you will cause you no damage.

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No Friendly Fire
Prevent Accidental Damage and Hostility

This mod lets you toggle protection for all NPCs not currently hostile to the player. When enabled, protection becomes active when you or the target are in combat, or when you un-sheath your weapon or spells. You will know it is on when you see the subtle shield effect on non-hostile characters. The visuals (and protection) persist for 5 seconds after the spell effect ends (combat ends, weapons sheathed, or the mod is toggled off).

Not only will the mod prevent non-hostile NPC's from taking damage from your spells and weapon attacks, but it will also avoid friendly units like guards turning hostile if they are hit by them. Additionally, any damage done to you by a target that is not currently hostile (AOE by mage companions for example) will no longer do any damage to you.

Unlike previous versions this mod will not only protect followers from harm but also random non-hostile NPC's like guards who happen to wander into harm's way of your spells and attacks. Additionally, there is no need to cast a 2nd spell to enable protection for your current followers. One global toggle handles everything.

The mod comes with a "Toggle Friendly Fire" spell that lets you toggle the effect on and off. See Mod Quirks for additional information.


  • Extract the mod .ESP, .ESM, and .BSA from the download ZIP file to your Skyrim\Data directory or use NMM.
  • Optionally use the No Visuals version instead. Use one or the other, NOT both.
  • Enable NoFriendlyFire.esp in your mod list.
  • Toggle the effect on and off using the Toggle Friendly Fire spell (Lesser Power category).


  • Toggle the mod off using the spell, then save and remove from your mod list.

Compatibility Patches:

As of version 1.03, if a mod-added spell isn't behaving properly with No Friendly Fire you can easily make a compatibility patch using the included .ESM master file. Simply check NoFriendlyFire.esm (not the .esp) and set the mod in question to active when opening the CK.

To prevent a mod-added healing or helpful spell being affected by NFF, add the keyword 'phiNoFFSpellHelp' to its magic effect.

If a damage spell isn't being seen as such, add the 'phiNoFFSpellHarm' keyword to its magic effect, or if you don't want to require this master file, make sure it has one of the built-in damage keywords: MagicVampireDrain, MagicSlow, MagicParalysis, MagicDamageFire, MagicDamageFrost, or MagicDamageShock.

Mod Quirks:

1) In general this mod will work with all mod-added weapons and spells automatically. However, there are some mods that use scripts to apply flat damage to targets which unfortunately cannot be prevented as it bypasses the game engine's normal checks for damage. Even in these cases, the function to prevent friendly units from turning hostile will still work, unless the mod in question also manually starts combat through a script for some odd reason. I have yet to encounter such a mod.

2) Something else to be aware of is that friendly NPCs will be effectively un-killable while the mod is toggled on (unless they become hostile by some means other than your attacks). If you want to attack non-hostile NPC's just toggle the mod off temporarily using the spell.

3) Thirdly, while protection is active on an NPC they may ignore certain crimes like petty theft of low value items. This is an unavoidable tradeoff of being able to have them ignore friendly hits. The simple solution is either to sheath your weapon so the effect vanishes from friendly NPC's or simply toggle off the mod. Either way, so long as you don't see the effect on NPCs the game behaves normally.

4) Also, while the spell is active (in combat, or weapon/spell unsheathed), damage values for weapons in your inventory will appear as zero. This appears to be a visual game bug that affects inventory value display even when perks that modify attack damage aren't active and cannot be avoided as far as I can tell so far. To see the damage values simply sheath your weapon or toggle the spell off.

5) One last thing, while you have your weapon out or are in combat, NPC's you talk to might have a brief delay before their dialogue actually starts. This is because the mod is waiting for the No Friendly Fire effect to turn off before opening dialogue to avoid disposition bugs like offering to be a companion when they shouldn't, etc. To avoid this either sheath your weapons before talking and wait until you are out of combat (signified by no longer seeing the effect on friendly targets) or toggle the mod off.

Have fun!

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