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Last updated at 16:48, 10 Sep 2017 Uploaded at 14:39, 28 Jun 2017

PSA you need a new save to use this mod. For updating from older versions, check pinned comment for further clarification.

This mod automatically assigns you the undead keyword. Please do not console command to change race as instructed on the Immersive Lichdom nexus page.


The mod started with my desire for true immortality. I tweaked Antioch's script to remove the dark resurgence cooldown. But that script was not perfect, so I seeked to improve it to make myself completely immortal. This set me on a quest to poking through the data of Undeath, which made me realize what a dirty and rough mod Undeath was. 

Antioch came back from the dead (fittingly) to port Undeath to SSE, but unfortunately he didnt port his changes to classic, and he has disappeared again.

Undeath Classical Lichdom is my attempt to polish Undeath, and its addon, UIL, to make lichdom an immersive and smooth experience. I also changed a few things to fit my vision of DnD-esque lichdom. Weaknesses are a bit more drastic, but make no mistake, you are a still a walking (albeit rotting) god amongst men.


So what did I do? Here are my changes. 

The most important change is that I made the race change automatic. In UIL, you had to console command to set your race. Not anymore. Now the quest automatically gives the player two keywords "actortypeundead" and "actortypelich". The former makes the game treat you as an undead creature, the latter is a new creature I created that allows you to access UIL's perk tree. You no longer need to break inmersion and console command! 

The second change is that I cleaned up Antioch's Dark Resurgence script and removed its cooldown. You are now immortal!

My favourite part about DnD liches are their virtual indestructibility. This small tweak gives Undeath liches the DnD-esque feel of being an undying being. Dark resurgence has no more cooldown and you can resurrect in human form, granting you true immortality. 

But what about the balance you say? Well this mod doesnt really affect balance. When you die you always resurrect at your phylactery which isnt that different from reloading a save. In fact, if you disable fast travel, this mod actually increases difficulty. So you could say that it is an immersive death alternative for liches. 

In version 2.55 I reworked the Dark Resurgence ability to be bleedout based. In the original, dark resurgence occured onhit when the player was >10%hp. This is very flawed as it means taking damage higher than your current health will still kill you, and so will fall damage! But no longer. With a bleedout based script, Dark Resurgence works 100% of the time now. 

I also streamlined the dark resurgence mechanic, making it more intuitive by removing the "15 seconds to capture 5 souls and heal on the spot" part. It doesnt fit with traditional dnd lichdom, and its a clunky gameplay mechanic too. With it removed, the phylactery teleportation can happen almost immediately after bleedout. Dark Resurgence feels a lot smoother now as it resurrects the player almost instantly instead of having a 20 second delay for you to "capture souls" as Antioch intended. Now, you just get teleported to your phylactery immediately every time you die.

Versions of Undeath Classical Lichdom older than 2.55 still have the original OnHit based dark resurgence script, but I still streamlined it and improved it by having it occur at 20% hp. 

Another big issue with Undeath is the horrid implementation of the "Dark Pact" ability. The original spell was this : Reanimate up to 5 minions at the cost of wielding your other summon spells. Seems ok right? The problem is that Antioch made wild edits to all vanilla summon spells in order to add a condition preventing their use when Dark Pact is active, overriding usleep and inadvertently breaking the elemental potency perk. You will also notice another huge issue with this implementation. It doesnt apply to mod spells! And of course everyone on the path to lichdom is bound to have a spellpack or two. As I was using modded conjuration spells, I didnt even realise you werent suppose to be able to summon stuff UNTIL after the undeath quest was over! fix this, I completely overhauled the spell to be this :  Command up to  5 *more* minions, at the cost of taking 2.5x damage from everything. Its fun, functional, and fits the theme of the mod : Immense power at steep costs. 

Of course, I cannot remove antioch's wildedits. I could only override all of them with USLEEP's data, de facto ITMs if you will. For this reason, I recommend you load this mod  high in your load order as possible and to load mods that affect conjuration mods after this.

Undeath Immersive Lichdom also has a few other critical bugs. The biggest one is that the curse of lichdom perks are broken, allowing healing spells to work when they arent supposed to, and also allowing you to drink stamina and magicka potions. This has been fixed in classical lichdom. 
The perks have been fixed, spells and potions *dont* work now. You are now no longer affected by anything with the "MagicRestoreHealth" keyword. The only way to heal is with the "Necromantic Empowerment" spell you obtain in Scourg Barrow.

One is that having the skeletal potion with the black shroud will make you a flesh lich instead of a skeletal one. This is due to the wrong lich skin being referred to in the Immersive Lichdom esp.

I also removed the ability to take healing potions, just like in SSE UIL. I mean, if you cannot digest poisons or food, how can you digest potions?? The only healing you have is the "Necromantic Empowerment" spell you get.

I also changed some of the lich's resistances and weaknesses, to fit my vision of DnD-esque liches. Your carry weight penalty has been increased to 100, but you now have 50% resistance to every weapon except silver and daedric. This is consistent with the SSE version of Immersive Lichdom as well as AAE NPC resistances. You can also no longer use ANY potions, just like in the SSE version of Immersive Lichdom.

With this mod you no longer need to console command to race change during the lich ritual. This is because I made the ritual automatically assign the undead keyword to the player. YOU DO NOT NEED TO CHANGE RACE IF U ARE USING UNDEATH IMMERSIVE LICHDOM.


Install with a mod manager (preferably MO) or extract to data folder. 
Let this mod override everything. This mod overwrites Undeath Immersive Lichdom's "NecroRevertEffect" script and needs it to work properly. Dont worry, I implemented Tx12001's clothing fix into that script.
Its packed as loose so that it overwrites Undeath's original script in the bsa. 

Versions >2.0 requires a new save. It overhauls the lich ritual and changes the implementation of the lich abilities. You CANNOT INSTALL THIS AFTER YOU HAVE ACHIEVED LICHHOOD. If you do, you will get nonsense like a broken lich perk tree, duplicated passive abilities, instability, etc.

Optional Files

- I included a version with only the dark resurgence script. Use this if you want true immortality on a existing character and you dont want to start over. You still die from fall damage though, so its not complete immortality.

-*Lore-Friendly Addon - No gameplay difference, but changes a few of the descriptions so you are no longer "resurrecting", you are "teleporting".

-Updated ordinator immersive lichdom patch. Patch updated for Ordinator 9.23. Works without Classical Lichdom.

- Requiem patch. This also serves as a patch for Undeath and Immersive Lichdom. More esp space yay! ^.^

Load Order

-Due to the "ITM"s of this mod, I recommend you load this immediately after UIL and Undeath. The three mods should be loaded in a consecutive order near the top half of your load order. Load the three mods as HIGH up as possible.-Load any vanilla-conjuration-spell affecting mod after this. 

Your load order should look like this.
Undeath Immersive Lichdom v3
Undeath Classical Lichdom
Requiem/Ordinator/Perk Overhaul.
Patches for Undeath Immersive Lichdom


-All race mods (overhauls or custom races) are automatically compatible. Do not use any Immersive Lichdom patches for race mods like Imperious, they are obsolete.

-For perk overhauls, use the respective Undeath Immersive Lichdom patches. I have an updated ordinator patch in optional downloads. I also uploaded a requiem patch, which serves as a patch for Classical Lichdom, Immersive Lichdom and Undeath combined. Thanks to tx12001 for letting me update his patch! ^.^

-You do not need to install any race patches for Undeath Immersive Lichdom. With this mod every race mod is automatically compatible.

- Undeath True God is incompatible. 

-Load any vanilla-conjuration-spell affecting mod after this.

- If you are using version 3.3, this is compatible with death alternative mods before the ritual. After the ritual you have to disable those death alternative effects via MCM.


You broke my game! Perk trees not working!!
-Uhhh...I did tell you not to install it on a lich-ritual-completed save, didnt I?

My game crashed while transforming?
-Do not use controls after pressing the transform power. Trying to move your player in the few seconds the  the transform script is running will likely cause a crash. I know the transformation is a bit slow and clunky, and theres not much visual effects to hide it, but pls have patience.

My Character STILL died in combat!
-Script lag. Fix your game. If you report Dark Resurgence not working, you MUST prove that you were under <100ms when it happened. 

-My game crashed!!!
Is it random? Report it to me if you can replicate the crash and it is directly related to Undeath.

-My Passives are not working!
A bug I fixed in version 2.3. Requires a new save. Im very sorry :(

If you have any bugs I do not know of, please report them to me :) There shouldnt be many, I spent a lot of time bugtesting.

A note on lorefriendliness.

-The concept of liches regenerating at phylacteries doesnt exist in teslore. So this is technically lore unfriendly and draws more from the DnD concept of lichdom. But just like in the original mod, you can roleplay it as merely teleporting to your phylactery :) And also, lichdom isnt exactly a well-known art and teslore is known for subjectivity, so you can argue for phylactery resurrection existing; it exists in a gray area I suppose.  If bethesda wanted phylactery resurrecting liches in Tes6 there isnt really much stopping them. 


-Get an hotkey mod so that you can use any spell you want in lich form.
-Patch race conflicts in xEdit.Undeath makes changes to the dragonpriestrace and needs these changes to function properly. 
-Endorse Antioch's and tx12001's respective mods. If you can, go donate!

Comparison between this mod and Immersive Lichdom SSE and 32bit immersive lichdom

Wall of text too confusing? Still dont get what this mod changes? I got you covered! Read the breakdown below!

32bit UIL version 3.5

  • 24 spells in lich form that you get immediately after the ritual.
  • Perk tree for liches. Need patches for perk mods. Perk tree includes not limited to 150+magicka tied to dark resurgence and 20% spell absorption.
  • -Has a perk that gives your lich a fear effect to people for 10 seconds. This effect is broken however.
  • Cheat death once a day. Dark resurgence script is clunky and buggy. Doesn't work for fall damage. Dark resurgence occurs at 10% hp. Clunky "trap souls" mechanic. Not teleported to phylactery instantly.
  • take no fall damage in lich form. Fall dmg taken in disguised human form.
  • 100disease and poison resist, waterbreathing
  • 100% fire weakness. 
  • 25%dmg resist to all weaps
  • 75%arrow resist
  • Cannot eat food or health potions
  • No health regeneration.
  • -75 speech points and -25 carryweight
  • cannot use restoration spells on yourself except Necromantic empowerment (but this was broken in my game and you could use heal spells for some reason)
  • console command before lich ritual to change race. Not compatible with race overhauls and custom races.
  • Dark pact: Reanimate up to 4 extra minions at the cost of not being able to use vanilla conjugation spells. Mod spells work however. Wild edits to vanilla conjugation spells that override usleep and break elemental potency.
  • 100 enchanting skill required to use the Necromantic altar needed to complete quest.

Undeath Immersive Lichdom SSE

  • 24 spells in lich form. You start out with only four spells, but you can learn 20 more from tomes.
  • No perk tree. Automatic compatibility with perk overhauls.
  • No lich fear effect at all since theres no perk for it. (obviously)
     -  300magicka tied to Dark Resurgance. 20%Spell absorption ability.
  • Cheat death once a day. Script works perfectly and works for fall damage. Dark resurgence at 0% hp. Clunky "trap souls" mechanic. Not teleported to phylactery instantly. You are a true immortal.
  • 100 disease and poison resist,waterbreathing
  • 50%fire weakness
  • 50% resistance to all weapons including bows.
  • Food and ALL potions have no effect.
  • No health regeneration.
  • -40 speech points and -25 carry weight
  • Cannot use restoration spells on yourself, except Necromantic Empowerment.
  • Automatic race assign to undead. Compatible with every race overhaul and custom races.
  • Dark pact: do 10% extra damage against the living, but 10% less damage against the undead. Idk about the wild edits, I think tx removed them.
  • 100 enchanting needed to use the Necromantic altar

  32bit UIL with Classical Lichdom
  • 24spells in lich form that you get immediately after the ritual.
  • Has perk tree for liches. Needs patches for perk mods. Perk tree includes not limited to 150+magicka tied to dark resurgence and 20% spell absorption.
  • Visage Of The Dead perk works properly
  • Changed the lich fear cloak to be script based, it now works properly, also increased fear duration to 60 seconds.
  • Cheat death every time your supposed to die. Script works perfectly and works for fall damage. Dark resurgence at 0% hp. Mechanic streamlined, travel to phylactery is instant.  You are a true immortal.
  • 100%disease and poison resist, waterbreathing.
  • 100% fire weakness.
  • 50% resistance to all weapons except silver and daedric and arrows.
  • 75% resistance to arrows.
  • Food and ALL potions have no effect.
  • No health regeneration.
  • -75 speech points and -100 carry weight.
  • Cannot use Any restoration or healing spells on yourself. Except Necromantic Empowerment
  • Automatic race assign to undead. Compatible with all race overhauls and custom races.
  • Dark Pact: summon up to 5 more minions at the cot of taking 2.5x dmg from everything
  • 50 enchanting and 100 conjuration needed to use the Necromantic altar. 


Antioch08 for the excellent Undeath mod. Analyzing the mod gave me a newfound respect for him. Seriously, we often complain that Undeath is buggy, but that mod is really fucking ambitious. Its a marvel that it was done by one man in 2013, a very early period in Skyrim modding.
-Tx12001 for creating Undeath Immersive Lichdom, which kept Undeath alive in the 4 years of Antioch's absensce.

Seriously those two guys are awesome. They deserve 99% of the credit for this mod.