About this mod

A total overhaul of Undeath: the way Undeath is meant to be played.

Unlock a dozen new perks and over 30 new spells. Becoming a lich now grants total immortality - you regenerate at the phylactery after dying. Resistances and weaknesses have also been changed to tune the lichdom experience.

Also includes extensive bugfixes.

Permissions and credits
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This mod automatically assigns you the undead keyword. Immersive Lichdom 3.5's custom races are obsolete; please do not command to change race. 

This mod contains some necessary ITMs and dirty edits, which are used to clean up Undeath's problem edits. Please refer to this guide if you want to remove them =>  https://linnsmusings.wordpress.com/2017/08/27/undeathcleaningguideforle/

Undeath Classical Lichdom 
-An Expansion For Undeath-
Grab The SSE Version Here While It Is Still Hot


• Traditional DnD-esque Immortality - As a lich, resurrect at your phylactery when you die.
• 11 new perks, with a total of 18 perks to be attained after lichdom.
• Over 30 new spells to be used in lich and human form.
• Unlock up to a total of 51 spells in lich form.
• Lich passives reworked
• 6 new rings that serve as the endgame gear for liches to collect.
• Various bug fixes for Undeath and Immersive Lichdom
• Quality of life improvements : No more console command during lich ritual; Dark Sacrifice and Worm Enthrall can now be used in lich form once you obtain those perks.
• Lightweight scripting; no bloat or stability issues.
• Undeath's lich transform script rewritten to be responsive and seamless. Transform time reduced from 6 seconds to barely 1 second!
• Scripting fixes for Undeath - archaic "it was 2013"  scripting reworked. Mod is now lightweight script-wise

The mod, as with all who tread the path of lichdom, began with my desire for true immortality. First, I tweaked Antioch's script to remove the dark resurgence cooldown. But that ability was not implemented properly - it did not work outside of lich form, for example - so I sought to improve it to make myself completely immortal. This set me on a quest of prodding through the data of Undeath in my goal to implement true immortality. I eventually succeeded - and fixed many other bugs and quirks of Undeath along the way. But I did not stop there. No, I set my ambitions further: to make Undeath the greatest execution of the lichdom concept in the video game medium.  (not that there is much competition - one might even say undeath, in spite of all its flaws, already is - but it helps make this mod look grander than it is)

I added new spells, new rings, and reworked Immersive Lichdom's progression system. I also reworked the lich passives, including weaknesses, to tune the balance of lich gameplay. 
The perk progression system is the meat of the mod. With it, the lich ritual is not the end of your journey. Conversely, it is barely the beginning of your journey, one that will reshape the way that you experience Skyrim.

Each new perk that you attain unlocks interesting new strategies or vastly enhances your combat prowess. Certainly they are more powerful than vanilla perks; at the end of it all, you will become a walking, albeit rotting, god amongst men. I have accomodated for different playstyles; there are more than a handful of ways that you can build your lich. You may choose to be a death knight, cutting through the living masses like butter and then raising their bodies as thralls. Or you may choose to be a deadly mage with seemingly infinite reserves of magicka, disabling the minds of your enemies or even, taking notes from the first Dragonborn, controlling them to fight for you. It is the ultimate power fantasy, yet it never feels cheaty because of its unique weaknesses: no matter how powerful you become, you are never able to transcend the inherent weaknesses of being an undead creature. You may raise armies of the dead, amass all 6 rings of power, learn the eldritch secrets of Apocrypha, but you will never be able to use potions, heal naturally, get good barter prices or overcome your crippling fire weakness - hell, even a stray fireball may end your life! (albeit temporarily)

And with that I bring you Undeath Classical Lichdom: a fully fledged expansion for Undeath, featuring comprehensive bugfixes, 18 new perks and over 30 new spells, most of which can be used in lich form - you can use a whopping maximum of 51 spells in lich form. 
With its unique weaknesses, satisfying progression system and the plethora of thematically-appropriate spells, this is the definitive Undeath experience - the way it was meant to be played all along. 

True Immortality - Death Alternative For Liches

What is a lich? Webster does not have a definition for it but if we go back to the roots of DnD - where the concept of the lich was created - the defining feature of liches are their virtual indestructibility - how they are unkillable little buggers. Your party destroys the lich but it keeps. fucking. coming. back. This is what makes liches so memorable in campaigns. Just take the example of the most famous lich in popular media - Lord Voldemort. How lame would he be if he did not have his horcruxes? The horcruxes are the crux of his villainy. In the same way, the phylactery resurrection is the very essence of lichdom, the line that separates a lich from a skeletal doot doot man that shoots fireballs at you. 

That is why I was very disappointed that Undeath did not implement this immortality mechanic. While Undeath does have a rudimentary anti-death system in the Dark Resurgence ability, it has a notable small print - a once-per-day cooldown. And as you all know, 24 hours is a lot of gametime. As sublime as Undeath's questline is, there is certainly a tinge of disappointment that sets in as you take your lich form out for the first test drive - how can a lichdom mod not have the principal feature of lichdom? So I reworked the Dark Resurgence ability to remove the once-per-day cooldown. Undeath is now a fully-fledged Death Alternative style mod. Once you attain lichdom, you become truly immortal: when you die, you will regenerate your physical form at your phylactery, a process which will automatically pass 7 days of game-time. 

In the LE version, I also reworked the Dark Resurgence ability to happen on bleedout, with the player being set as essential. Undeath's implementation of the ability was problematic as it was an onhit script that is fired at 10% hp, which means that the player can still die without resurrecting if they take damage more than 10% of their maximum health. Because of this, the ability was in practice broken and worked less than half the time, But no longer! With a bleedout based script, the ability works 100% of the time now.

Reworked Lichdom Perk Tree - 18 Perks To Unlock

Unholy Conduit: While wielding a staff in lich form, you may channel your essence through it, increasing the effectiveness of all spells by 25%.

Magical Aptitude: Augment your spellcasting abilties with dark magic, permanently decreasing the cost of all spells.

Dark Sacrifice: Gain the ability to wrench out and consume the arcane magic that delicately binds a thrall together: you may sacrifice a reanimated minion to restore your own health.

Heart Of Darkness: Embrace your diabolical necrotic powers to torment the living: do 25% more physical damage to living enemies and double the effectiveness of Necromantic Empowerment.

Ice Coffin: While in lich form, you gain a 50% chance for Icy Spear and a 25% chance for Blizzard to encase an enemy in ice.

Corpse Implosion: With the ability Corpse Implosion, you may destroy your own reanimated minions to unleash magical blasts that do damage to surrounding enemies. 

Dominate Mind: Dominate the wills of lesser creatures with the ability Worm Enthrall, flooding their minds with dark magic and forcing them to your side while slowly rupturing their lifeforce.

A Song Of Flesh:
 With experience, you learn to construct a stronger physical form for yourself, gaining resistances to ordinary weapons. Become 50% resistant to melee weapons and 75% resistant to ranged weapons, excluding silver and daedric weapons.

Lich Barrier: Cloak yourself in a shroud of pure magicka, thereby granting a 25% chance to absorb hostile incoming spells.

Magicka Flood: As your soul gets accustomed to your undying state, potent magicka surges through your phylactery, granting you 150 magicka points. Your physical form now regenerates in four days instead of seven.

Frightful Presence: The sinister visage of your true lich form strikes immense fear into the hearts of mortals, forcing all living beings lower in level than you to flee in terror.

Prince Of Chaos:  Inflict insanity upon your foes with the ability Whispers Of Madness, absorbing all of their magicka and sending them into a manic frenzy.

Mannimarco's Will: Increase your dominion over your minions with the power of the Worm King himself. At a necromantic altar, you may use one filled black soul gem to craft a scroll, increasing your summon limit by one for 8 hours. This effect stacks up to 12 times. 

Infernal Grimoire
: Learn 6 powerful infernal spells and the means to cast them: you may feed filled black souls gems to your phylactery, imbuing yourself with immense power, granting you 10% increased spell effectiveness and unlocking the 6 sinister spells. One absorbed soul lasts for 12 hours, after which it dissipates from your phylactery.

Infernal Attunement: Adapt your soul to the surging infernal power: all spells in lich form are 15% more effective. At a necromantic altar, you may craft 6 necromantic rings imbued with potent infernal magic.

Reaper Of Souls: Purge the living with the sinister ability Siphon Soul, enabling you to tear out the souls of mortals to restore your own health.

Transcendence: Immortality grants you new insights - perspectives you have never thought of before. With your newfound wisdom, you gain experience 25% faster.

Visions Of Apocrypha: Gaze into strange Apocrypha and learn the esoteric secrets that lie within. At a necromantic altar, you may use one filled black soul gem to craft a Scroll Of Eldritch Knowledge, increasing your experience gain by 75% for 8 hours.

Its hard to visualize in text form, but the perk tree forks into four branches with different themes. The leftmost branch is intended for melee-based Death Knight-esque spellswords, with effects focused on killing the living. The two middle branches thematically revolve around commanding minions and mind control, capping out at Mannimarco's Will and Prince Of Chaos, while the rightmost branch is intended for pure casters, with perks on raising your magical potential and learning  -reflected in the increased xp gain mechanic.

New Magic Effects : Over 30 New Spells To Master

Forbidden Spells
These spells can only be bought from the Broker.

Soul Corruption: Corrupt your target's soul. Target takes 25 damage per second to magicka for 8 seconds. Afflicted targets are 50% more vulnerable to your other spells.

Agony: Inflict Agony on a nonmechanical target, causing them to take 5 damage per second for 60 seconds. Afflicted targets take 50% more physical damage.

Death Shroud: For 60 seconds, surround yourself in an aura of death that casts soul trap and does 5 damage per second to all enemies in melee range.

Mark Of The Worm King: Inflict a mortal with Agony, doing 5 damage per second for 30 seconds and increasing the physical damage they take. If the target is raised as a minion, they comes back with 50% increased spell effectiveness and damage.

Curse Of Knightsbane: Afflict Knightsbane on a non-mechanical target, disabling their health, magicka and stamina regeneration for 30 seconds.

Curse Of Bonerot:
 Afflict Bonerot on a non-mechanical target, reducing their attack damage and movement speed for 30 seconds.

Seed Of Pestilence: Afflict an undead target with a plague that spreads to living targets, doing 5 damage per second to health and 20 damage per second to stamina for 20 seconds.

Withering Affliction: Afflict a non-mechanical target with a disease for 15 seconds. The disease slowly weakens them, reducing their attack damage by 25% and doing 15 damage per second to their health and stamina.

Drain Life: Drain a living target's lifeforce to restore your own magicka. If cast on an undead target, this spell heals them instead.

Necrotic Aura:
 For 60 seconds, do disease damage to the health and stamina of non-mechanical targets in melee range.

Mind Blast: Stun your target for 1 second and reduce their magicka by 20%

Psychosis: Inflict madness on a target lower in level than you for 30 seconds. Affected targets are in Agony and will attack anyone nearby.

Lucid Nightmare: Feed on the sanity of your target : terrify or frenzy the target at random and absorb their magicka for 30 seconds.

Ghastly Phantasm: For 60 seconds, drain the sanity of surrounding targets, slowly absorbing their magicka.

Mind Flay: 
Compare base magicka with your target. If you have more magicka, prevent your target from casting spells for 12 seconds.

Void Rune: Place a Void Rune at the player's location. Only one Void Rune may exist at any point in time.

Plane Shift: Warp to your Void Rune, wherever that might be.

Banishment: If cast on a target lower in level than you, they are forcefully transported to your Void Rune, wherever that might be.

Infernal Spells
These spells can only be used when you have the Infernal Potency perk and you have fed souls to your phylactery.
The Infernal Potency perk adds a whole new game mechanic, allowing you to absorb souls to temporarily gain power. This was in part inspired by DnD 5e in which a lich had to feed souls to his phylactery to maintain it.

Infernal Flames : A powerful gout of soulfire that does 50 magical damage per second to your target's health, magicka and stamina.

Devour Magicka: Consume 25% of your target's magicka and restore that much health.

Power Overwhelming: Infuse a conjured or reanimated minion with powerful infernal magic, granting them immense power for 60 seconds. When the effect ends, the target dies. Horribly. 

Soul Curse: Your target takes 7 damage per second to health, magicka and stamina for 20 seconds. When this effect ends, your target dies and releases a soulfire explosion.

Infernal Surge: For 5 minutes, become invulnerable and gain immense speed and power. You may command two additional minions. Costs 1 soul.

Soulfire: Using the power of one absorbed black soul, unleash a massive explosion that kills everything in range. Costs 1 soul.

New Potions
These elixirs can be crafted at the Necromantic Altar located at the Broker's Shack. Be wary though, the elixirs contain potent strains of diseases that will kill any living being that drinks it.

Elixir Of Virulence: Infect yourself with a virulent plague that does damage to all surrounding targets. This potion is fatal if you fail to resist the plague.

Elixir Of Knightsbane: Infect yourself with Knightsbane. The disease spreads to surrounding targets, reducing their attack damage and movement speed. Drinking this elixir does fatal damage if you fail to resist the potent Bonerot.

Elixir Of Bonerot: Infect yourself with Bonerot. The disease spreads to surrounding targets, reducing their attack damage and movement speed. Drinking this elixir does fatal damage if you fail to resist the potent Bonerot.

Curse Of Lichdom
Power comes at a cost - who would have thought, permanently trapping yourself in a rotting vessel has its downsides!

As a lich, you have to deal with these drastic weaknesses.

100% Fire Weakness
100 Carry Weight Penalty
-75 Speechcraft Modifier*
No natural health regeneration
Healing spells do not work on yourself.**
Consumables, food and potions have no effect on you

However, being an undead creature does comes with some nice conveniences.

As a lich, you have these passives.

100% Resistance to Poison
100% Resistance to Disease
50% Resistance to Frost

*No, you do not have negative skill in speech. Its a modifier.
**You are able to heal with the Necromantic Empowerment spell in human and lich form. Its actually a really effective heal and gets scaled with a lich perk.

Necromantic Rings : 6 Rings To Rule Them All

With the Infernal Attunement perk,  you may craft 6 powerful rings at a necromantic altar - if you have the required ingredients!

Base Requirements of each ring: 
3 filled black soul gems, 5 daedra hearts and 1 silver ingot as well as a few unique ingredients for each ring.

Ring Of The The Black Worm
Lord Of The Revenant : Your reanimation spells are 100% more effective. In lich form, thralls raised from Mass Reanimate and the Staff Of Worms last for 600 seconds.

Unique Ingredients: 2 Human Flesh and 1 Human Heart

Ring Of The Master

Power Of The Master: Conjured daedra last 200% longer. In lich form, you may command up to one additional minion.

Unique Ingredients: 1 void salts, 1 fire salts, 1 frost salts

Ring Of The Plaguebearer
Peryite's Wrath: Your disease spell effects last 50% longer. When transforming into your lich form, infect living targets in melee range with Bonerot, Knightsbane and the Plague for 60 seconds.

Unique Ingredients: 1 poison bloom, 2 namira's rot

Ring Of The Mind Flayer
Aberrant Mind:  Your illusion spells are 75% more effective and you have 150 bonus magicka. In lich form, mind magic spells last 100% longer.

Unique Ingredients: 1 of each red, blue and purple mountain flower

Ring Of Lost Arcana
Sinister Knowledge: All skills improve 20% faster and your magicka regenerates 100% faster. In lich form, you have a 50% chance to absorb incoming spells as pure magicka.

Unique Ingredients: 3 crimson nirnroot

Ring Of Unlife
Necrotic Desecration: Spells and weapons are 25% more effective against the living but 25% less effective against the undead. In lich form, you do not take any physical damage from the living.

Unique Ingredients: 1 deathbell, 2 nightshade

Notes On Spell And Perk Effect Interactions


Undeath Bugfixes And Quality Of Life Improvements

  • The biggest fix is that I made the Immersive Lichdom race change automatic. In the original mod, you had to console command a race change before the lich ritual, which is...unimmersive. This is no longer necessary as Classical Lichdom automatically assigns you the ActorTypeUndead keyword, preventing the need for incompatible custom races. Edit: I have also implemented this change into V3.6 of Immersive Lichdom. 
  • Silly use of a constant 10 second OnUpdate() Loop changed into registerforsingleupdate chain that polls only every 30 seconds. Script load of this is negligible.
  • As stated above, loopholes in the Dark Resurgence ability addressed; resurrection works correctly now.
  • Undeath's transform, revert, and spell change scripts rewritten to be faster and more responsive. Transform time reduced from 5-7 seconds to barely 1 second.
  • Undeath's Dark Pact has been fixed.  Spell Absorption bug and broken elemental potency perk has been fixed.
         The effect has been changed into "You may command up to three additional minions at the cost of taking three times more damage from all sources." 
         The implementation of the "Dark Pact" ability was horrid; Antioch made wild edits to all vanilla summon spells, reintroducing bugs fixed in USLEEP. 
         Of course, as I cant redistribute the original Undeath esp I cannot remove antioch's wildedits. I could only override all of them with USLEEP's data,
         de facto ITMs if you will. For this reason, I recommend that you follow the linked cleaning guide to remove the wildedits.
  • Unresolved errors in Undeath script properties fixes
  • The lich ritual now gives you a debug notification when you attempt it as a vampire. This was the cause of a million "ritual wont work!!11" bug reports in Undeath.
  • Curse Of Lichdom perks have been fixed. Undeath Immersive Lichdom's curse of lichdom perks are broken as perks cannot be added via racial edits, meaning that half of the lich passive effects did not work. This has been fixed in classical lichdom. 
  • Broken Visage Of The Dead perk fixed. This perk was not working in immersive lichdom. In Classical Lichdom, it has been reworked and renamed to "Frightful Presence"
  • Immersive Lichdom bug where having the skeletal potion with the black shroud will make you a flesh lich instead of a skeletal one fixed. This is due to the wrong lich skin being referred to in the Immersive Lichdom esp.
  • Bug where lightfoot perk is incorrectly removed when reverting from lichform fixed
  • Bug where the Unbind Soul FX was stuck on the player character fixed.
  • Bug where freeing the priest of arkay doesnt complete the quest fixed.
  • Necromantic Altar requirements changed from 100 Enchanting to 50 Enchanting and 100 conjuration.
  • The broker always sell black pearls, rather than 50% of the time. 
  • The atrocious vomit-green lich skin replaced with a more pleasant white cloak; shroud and dye have been renamed accordingly
  • Lost Knowledge and the radiant black book quest can no longer send you to Undeath's black book location; this issue would have broken those minor quests.


Install Undeath, then Immersive Lichdom, and then install this on top of Immersive Lichdom. You should also browse the optional files section to see which patches you need. Each time you update the mod, I recommend that you reinstall the optional files you need as well to ensure that you do not have any outdated patches.
This mod HAS to overwrite immersive lichdom's scripts, otherwise it will not work as intended. To prevent any potential conflicts with other mods, please follow the cleaning guide linked on the articles section. Note that you need a clean save (one without any undeath data) to use this mod. Installing this on a savegame with Undeath and/or Immersive Lichdom already installed will break things and cause save bloat. 

Let this mod override everything. This mod has a few loose scripts which MUST OVERWRITE those of Immersive Lichdom.

This mod has to be packed as loose so that it overwrites Undeath Immersive Lichdom's scripts, which are also packed loose. While this mod is not packed into a bsa, it should not cause any issues as there are no overwrites to vanilla scripts and assets. The only thing users have to be careful about is the install order of Immersive Lichdom and Classical Lichdom to ensure that Classical Lichdom's scripts take priority.


  • All race mods (overhauls or custom races) are compatible. With this mod every race mod (such as imperious or custom race mods) is automatically compatible with Immersive Lichdom. Do not use any Immersive Lichdom patches for race mods like Imperious, they are obsolete.
  • This mod conflicts with anything that edits the conjuration perk tree and patches would have to be made for those mods.
          I have already uploaded an Ordinator, Requiem, Perma, and Path Of Sorcery patch in the optional downloads. This should cover all the major perk
          overhauls that people use.
         If you use a perk mod outside the 4 I mentioned, you may request for a patch in the comments. I will do it if I have the motivation to do so.
  • Please exclude this mod from ASIS spell and perk distribution. 
  • Incompatible with the addons "Undeath True God" and "Perk Tree For The Lich". But there is absolute no reason to use them: both are heavily outdated, sloppily made mods.
  • This mod is compatible with death alternative mods before the ritual. After the ritual you have to disable those death alternative effects via MCM due to the law of common sense.
  • Due to the thematic associations, I figure people will want to use Shadow Spell Package alongside this mod. For the record, that mod is fully compatible with UCL - I myself use them together - but there is an overlap in the spell name "Mind Blast".  If this bothers you, simply change the name of either mod's spell in xedit, or suggest a more apt name for the effect than mind blast. 
  • This mod edits Lost Knowledge and the radiant black book quest to prevent them from treating Scourg Barrow as a possible black book location, which would have made the quests uncompletable. To my knowledge, no other mod edits those aforementioned quests; all usleep changes have been integrated. If there is actually a mod conflict, it can be easily resolved in a handmade TESVedit patch.

Known Undeath Issues
  • Stuck In Apocrypha : Reload a savegame and try again. You may also coc out of Apocrypha, though that might result in the green water fx being stuck on you. Because of this issue, I recommend saving frequently while doing the black book quest. Undeath edits the vanilla black book scripts, so this is likely a result of an unintended conflict with another mod. I am still investigating this issue and working out a solution.
  • Arkay The Enemy quest stuck if you choose to free the priest : Fixed in Classical Lichdom 4.1 and above.
  • Lightfoot perk removed on reverting from lich form : Fixed in Classical Lichdom 4.0 and above.
  • Unbind Soul effect stuck on character : Fixed in version 4.8 and above.
  • Ritual does not work : This is either due to the player being a vampire or having god mode turned on. From version 6.0 onwards, vampires who attempt the ritual will get a debug notification to prevent confusion. 
  • cannot pull up spell menu consistently : Fixed in 6.0.
  • Freeze/crash on accessing sleep/waitmenu after lich ritual. : Fixed in version 6.10. Caused by lich ritual time skip messing up the calendar. If you are on older versions and encounter this issue, kill yourself ingame: resurrecting will fix the calendar. 
  • Lich Spell Menu too big, falls off the screen : This happens on aspect ratios narrower than 16:9. Download the Narrow Aspect Ratio Fix from the misc files section.
  • Character is silent after ritual, no combat voices : This is a bug in vanilla that happens after the player goes into bleedout and it affects all Death Alternative style mods, including this one. PC Head Tracking And Voice Type has a fix for this in its MCM. 

If you have any bugs or compatibility issues Im not aware of, please report them to me :) 

A Note On Lore-Friendliness.

The concept of liches regenerating at phylacteries doesnt exist in teslore. So Undeath is technically lore unfriendly and draws more from the DnD concept of lichdom. However, lichdom isnt exactly a well-known art and teslore is known for subjectivity, so you can argue for phylactery resurrection existing; it sort of exists in a gray area. If bethesda wanted phylactery resurrecting liches in Tes6 there isnt really much stopping them. I mean, they added Dragon Priests for Skyrim, which are essentially just reskinned liches with a different lore. 

I wrote some load screen texts to explain that there are different methods to becoming a lich, resulting in varying degrees of immortality. Essentially, the kind of lichdom in this mod is different from the variant seen in previous games, thus explaining why DnD-esque phylactery regeneration exists. This is actually not false, since Dragon Priests are just a different flavor of liches!

Tl:DR : While Undeath does not slavishly limit itself to the known lich lore in prior games, it is fully compatible with existing lore. 


  • Get an hotkey mod so that you can use any spell you want in lich form :D!
  • Clean undeath's dirty edits using this guide written by yours truly => https://linnsmusings.wordpress.com/2017/08/27/undeathcleaningguideforle/
  • Download Better MessageBox Controls if you haven't already; this mod makes use of messageboxes very liberally!
  • Download PC Head Tracking And Voice Type if you wish to enable combat voices post lich ritual.

Antioch08 for the excellent Undeath mod. Reverse engineering their mod - if what Im doing can be called that - gave me a newfound respect for them. Seriously, we often complain that Undeath is buggy, but that mod is really fucking ambitious. Its a marvel that it was done by one man in 2013, a very early period in Skyrim modding.

Tx12001 for creating Undeath Immersive Lichdom, which kept Undeath alive in the 4 years of Antioch's absence. This mod was built on the back of his many brilliant ideas.

EnaiSiaion for Apocalypse assets, which I used in this mod.

SpiritWarden for the white lich textures.

WashingBear, LekramG and xProlithium for helping with bug testing and quality assurance.

Special thanks to everyone who downloaded this mod throughout its numerous updates and gave feedback, your contributions helped me iron out bugs and bring it to its current state.