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Another preset made by me.

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Another preset made by me! Meet Rindi, my main character in Skyrim.

I'm actually really sick about all those anime-like or skimpy presets (no offense), so I decided to make a preset which could be human-like and realistic. So, Rindi was designed as Arabian-like, lore-friendly character (as Redguard should be, in my opinion).

Installation: drop the preset file to Skyrim\Data\SKSE\Plugins\CharGen\Presets

Required mods:

KS Hairdos
The Eyes of Beauty

Recommended mods:

Pride of Valhalla (if you are using a different retexture, Rindi will look... well, different. She was designed to be used with Pride of Valhalla though, so I strongly recommend to download it)
DIMONIZED UNP body (BASE version)
(it's mainly an HD retexture of vanilla brows and adds more brows to the game. Is not required)
Painterly - an amazing HD warpaint retexture
High Resolution Scars (google it, it isn't on Nexus anymore)

Armor used on screenshots:

Witcher 3 Female Armors by zzjay
Ciri DLC Armor by ViciousSARR and Levionte

My other works:

Varaniel RaceMenu preset
Surelia RaceMenu Preset