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Added: 25/06/2017 - 05:08AM
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Backwards Dialogue: An Immersive Lore-Friendly Overhaul

"Anyone else feel like running?"
"Nginnur kial leef sleh noweena!"

This is a simple mod that turns all dialogue backwards. That also includes:
  • Random vocal utterances ("Aha!" or "Hyyeeeeeaaargh!")
  • Dragon shouts ("*BOOM*... ... ...Suf!")
  • Zombie moans
  • Chicken clucks
  • Anything else contained in the /sound/voice subfolder

Just install this like any other mod, but make sure to enable both dummy plugins, or have Mod Organizer load the two BSAs. I recommend using Mod Organizer so that it's easier to uninstall this when the novelty wears off (lol j/k, backwards talk never gets old).

Any mod that overwrites files in /data/sounds/voice/ will conflict with this. So install this mod after all of those to authentically live the backwards life. Please note that any NEW lines added by mods will NOT be reversed by installing this mod (such as Live Another Life, RDO, CFTO and others). I may release a patch for some of these, and if there are any others you would like me to release, let me know! 


Q. Why did you do this?
A: Because I create new Skyrim characters constantly, and every time I have to listen to the same unskippable conversations about how amazing it is to climb the 7000 steps, or how the claw should be back where it belongs I die a little inside. At least now I get to giggle at their funny talk.


A. Because the only way I could think of to accomplish a total dialogue reversal was to extract every voice clip in the game, reverse them, then replace them. I was hoping that somebody would think of a script-based solution to this before me, but nobody else out there seems interested in backwards talk. If anyone out there can figure out a more elegant solution please implement it.

Why don't the lip flaps match?

A. Because I have neither the time nor inclination to generate new .lip files for the tens of thousands of audio clips in the

Why do you reverse the audio for shouts? They sound really stupid now.

A. Because this is a comedy mod. If you prefer them to sound cool, I recommend installing Thundering Shouts, and loading it after this mod.