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My new preset of Thema
For ECE and RACEMENU users

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A new preset available. This time , i have selected Thema. As usual, i'm still creating my characters with ECE (Enhanced characters Edit). My friend, Triptherift, has done the conversion for racemenu users. So, Thema is available for all users (ECE and RACEMENU).
Of course a big thank you to TRIPTHERIFT for her racemenu conversion. TRIPTHERIFT has recently created The kids are alright. She has also done the great Sassy teen girls.

All my presets have always a few requirements. This is my way of work. I like simple and natural faces.

I have created Thema some months ago. But a face preset is like must wait and work to obtain a good taste :) I hope Thema is to your taste !
In my game, Thema is a forsworn with a rich background. Now , it's your turn to create your own adventures.

The strong point of Thema is her eyes zone: the mix between make up, warpaint, eyes shape, brows. The rest is pretty basic. However, i like the general balance of her face. This is the reason i upload the file.


Enhanced Characters Edit (ECE) by TKTK1 HERE


- FAIR SKIN COMPLEXION by Hhaley HERE (skin textures, tint, complexion, brows, mouth , teeths)
Take the version you want (CBBE if CBBE body, UNP if UNP body) 7.9.1 or above. Eyes option is not required.

- CUTE EYES by Tktk1 HERE. You can choose different eyes of course. Mines are just a recommendation to obtain the true "look" . Cute eyes replaces the vanilla textures. Thema uses the "" textures.

- HAIR : KS HAIRDOS RENEWAL HERE. Thema uses the haircut "Vapor"

- WARPAINTS by MISUZU HERE. First, make a back up of your tints (data/textures/actors/character/character assets/tintmasks)
MISUZU's warpaints replace vanilla warpaints. Use the whole mod or just the good warpaint for Thema. She needs the " femaleheadwarpaint_05" in Misuzu's file.

For good tints and warpaints results, do not forget to edit your SKSE.ini under [display]:

iTintTextureResolution=2048  ( for standard results )
iTintTextureResolution=4096   ( for best results )


For ECE users:

1) copy/paste manually the ECE preset "_6_commonTriRaces" in documents/mygames/skyrim/CME_save
2) In game, select the NORD RACE
3) Select the weight_0. This will prevent neck seams (because Thema is originally weight_0)
4) Load the preset SLOT 6
5) Thema appears!
6) Apply modifications you desire, then save your own new preset.

For RACEMENU users

1) copy all the content of my racemenu file in data/skse/plugins/chargen
2) select the nord race
3) select the weight_0.
This will prevent neck seams (because Thema is originally weight_0)
4) Import head in the sculpt tab (F11)
5) Thema appears!
Apply modifications you desire, then save your own new preset.

Note: Thema is not very tall. You will probably obtain a small character. Of course , you can edit her height to your taste.

Thema in ECE


- You are free to use the bodyshape you want. Personally, i use UUNP (UNPetite)
- Thema's body and face are tanned (the tint is recorded in the presets)
- What is this bodypaint ? go to Tetrodoxin's tumblr

THEMA in ECE without warpaint

Thank you


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