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All spells give off light when you have them equipped and readied, as it only makes sense. No more fumbling around in the dark anymore! Now with multiple intensities! Now lights up shadows!!!

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I DID IT!!!!!!! well, kind of. I fixed the shadows not being lit up. it is a simple ini tweak, go to skyrimPrefs.ini and under [Display] change "bDeferredShadows=1 to 0. now spells will light up shadows. Also, this mod i have found is EXTREMELY incompatible with more dynamic shadows, lights will randomly go off in the environment from shadowed light overload.

When you equip a spell, your hands will give off light like they should.
Mod has been rebuilt from the ground up for less of a footprint in the spells. All spells should be covered.
Mod does cause an fps hit depending on the strength of your cpu and the quality level of your shadows in your game.

ATTENTION!!! Temporary ini fix for shadow striping:

Go to your SkyrimPrefs.ini and edit the following lines to these values:


Also get this mod: it will help with more shadow striping problems.
All credit goes to JookyThingy for the ini edit, and Miral for the striping fix mod

v4- Mod updated (finally) with fix for spells not working indoors.
v3.5- Mod rebuilt from the ground up, now that I have a better idea of what I'm doing. Should be more compatible with magic mods now, as it doesn't edit spells, just the light they use.
v3- all spells should be good now... let me know if there are any missing
v2.5- Healing and Ward spells added, flame light adjusted, thanks for the tip greenjam
v2- Fire, shock, and frost
v1- initial release, only fire

Smaller Spell Radius Added! Radius reduced 20%, so torches are useful again.
EVEN SMALLER Spell Radius Added! Radius reduced 50%, just a small glow now.
EVEN SMALLER Spell Radius- 35% Reduction Added, Smaller glow than small, but still visible.
All Optionals are standalone, do not mix with main file.
Spells Will Give Off Light-Torch Radius Added! spells now give off DOUBLE the light the main file does. This version will likely have bugs with it, but it was a request.

Install info: Simply unzip and put in */Skyrim/Data

In third person, you will see giant shadows of your hands, I can't think of a way to fix that, let me know if you think of one.

Spell must cast shadows, or else the light does not leave the player. I cannot find a solution for this as of yet, since it is an engine bug, so you will have to make due with it for the time being.

Spell light will sometimes go off indoors, it is another engine bug i cannot fix at the moment, but i will keep attempting to.

This if my first mod, so be kind please :)