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- Dawnguard DLC

The last time the Greybeards summoned a Dragon Born a new Empire was born. What will history tell of your summons?

This mod adds a player home based of the design for the Riften player home to the top of the mountain on the edge of the Reach, close to the Sundered towers (there is a map marker). My idea is to turn this player home into a player hold complete with other settlements, guards and you, Dragon Born, as the Jarl.

This will be a long journey so I plan to release the mod in stages (Chapters).

Chapter 1 Quests:
A New Home (Currently in Alpha)
This chapter will introduce the player to two of the main characters of the mod, some minore characters and give you access to Dragon's Perch as a player home. This will be the shortest chapter in the mod and is meant mainly as an introduction and to give the player access to the house. This will also serve as a stand alone version of the mod for those players who only want the house.

Getting to Know the Locals (Currently in Development)
Features in this quest:
- Two more voiced characters
- Quest to open up private mine
- Quest to build a small farm (Not the farm used later for the hold, just a small one for you and our... houseguests)
- Quest to explore below dragons perch. This will be where expansion for the house itself will be added.
-- Housecarls room
-- Enchanting room
-- Training room

Chapter 2 - A Lost Legacy (Currently Writing / Researching)
This chapter will open up the backstory behind the Perch.

Beginning Your Journey: (Quested Edition Only)
Before Kierra will venture to the Bannered Mare in Whiterun looking for Dovahkiin you have to be summoned by the Greybeards (after talking to the Jarl)

Updates in last 3 versions:

v. 0.08a
- Dragon's Perch house is now upgradable. It will start as just the base cabin. Speak to Johan in is shack to upgrade
- Mine has been reworked and the ore's are all now minable
- Fixed odd lighting bug in mine

v. 0.07a (NQE)
- Added Merridon's Tower
- Added Merridon's Cave
- Added Merridon's Labyrinth
- Moved Merridon from the Perch to his new home
- Moved Johan to his farm (for NQE)
- Removed Quests and Custom voice (for NQE)

v. 0.06a
- Added Johan's shack to future farm area
- Added Johan's journal for back story on the next character
- Added Johan placeholder character in Rorikstead (voice coming in 0.07a)
- Updated navmesh for tiered farm area & shack
- Complete rework of quest (Ch. 1 A New Home is now a complete quest. The quest to start upgrading the house will start in 0.07a)
-- Quest now ties into Main Quest (Specifically MQ105 Stage 10)
- Added Kierra's Camp to the SerpentsBluffRedoubtExterior04 cell
- Moved Kierra to her camp
- Gave Kierra several custom packages allowing her to meditate, travel to the Bannered Mare to give you the quest and travel back to her camp

Known Bugs:
- Weapon / Shield Rack in bedroom places weapons wrong
- A few walls in the bottom level of Merridon's Tower disappear until you get close to them. This happens on one of the stairs. You will NOT fall through, just float on non-existant stairs until they
show up.

Any mod that changes the area around Sundered Towers, Serpends Bluff (exit area) or the Bannered Mare interior will probably conflict. Here is a list of the ones I know of so far.

Dragonbane Player Home by Knight_Phoenix ( - This is a great player home mod if you want a castle in this location right away.

- Unzip the download and copy and paste the contents of the zipped Data folder into your skyrim/data folder. (Should include esp, Sound folder & Scripts folder)

I'm open to any suggestions so please post away however, I've got several note pages of ideas I scrawled down last night in a mad fury so please don't be upset if they don't make it in or it takes me a bit to respond.

Credits & Thanks:
- My wonderful wife for lending her thuum as Kierra
- Bethesda for making a great game and an amazing modding tool
- All of you for being so supportive right from the start. You've really inspired me to put my heart
into it.

Since there is nothing really special or unique about this mod I'm assuming no one will be needing
permission however, since I'm a curious fellow please ping me with a request to use this mod =)

Thanks and enjoy!