Journey To Hammerfell (WIP) by FritzliUeli1
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Last updated at 21:19, 20 Jun 2017 Uploaded at 10:55, 19 Jun 2017

this is a mod that adds Hammerfell to the world of skyrim. Currently, it's in pre-alpha state and at this pace, probably years from being finished but we all optimistic round here aint we.

This is a huge mod and i've been soloing it up until now, but if anyone wants to be a part of it, contacting me is always permitted. leave a comment if you think you can help out (i'm not quite sure how to receive messages in nexus yet, since i'm new to it all)

the map, as of right now, doesn't resemble hammerfell. it started out as just some desert landscape but why not go lore and implement it as hammerfell?

Starting the quest

You'll meet spencer bugworm in the black briar meadery in rifton. talk to him and follow his instructions.


If you decided to download this mod, there will be some bugs.

-Spencer doesn't have all the dialogue yet. He also says you'll be going to High Rock instead of Hammerfell. This was because i first wanted to make the quest about high rock, but quickly realised, that there aren't really any deserts there. will be fixed eventually.

Progress so far
-created desert landscape textures (sand, brown rocks)
-retextured mountains to brownish colours
-retextured some vanilla structures to match desert
-Created a quest that'll transport you to hammerfell (poorly)
-Created desert bandits (why not?)
-Created 3 different models for desert-like clay huts
-implemented tropical plants by Nobiax and Tamira
-Created some mountain terrain
-Created an oasis settlement
-Created a bit of desert land

Pending tasks
-pretty much everything else from
-More structures
-and so on

Tamira and Yughues aka Nobiax for Plants v1_3