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Cobb Tweaks
Various tweaks that aren't worth their own files. Comes in pre-merged and un-merged versions.

Allure orientation option
Choose your character's sexual orientation when taking the Allure perk. Characters attracted to men or women will get 10% better prices when bartering with them, while characters attracted to both will get 5% better prices with everyone. This also applies retroactively, if you took the perk before installing the mod.

Orc hair fixes
Most Orc hairstyles don't work with EffectShaders (glow effects, like from Alteration spells or my rim lighting) because they have alpha translucency enabled even on parts of the hair that aren't transparent. Currently, I've fixed female Orc hairstyles 01, 02, 05, 07, and 14 to use alpha translucency only on the parts of the hair that actually need it; those hairstyles should glow properly now.

Own up to your crimes
In the vanilla game, if you have a bounty in a hold and you want to pay it off, you have to go through a dialogue sequence in which your character makes a hilariously weak attempt at evading blame. With a basic edit to guards' crime dialogue, it's now possible to pay your bounty, head to jail, or persuade or coerce guards in various ways (thanehood, guild bribery, etc.) the instant you're recognized.

Table-with-bench collision fixes
In the vanilla game, several table-and-bench arrangements consist of a single furniture object, so activating the table causes you to sit on the bench. This is a huge annoyance when trying to pick items up off the tables... These collision fixes prevent the tables from showing an activating prompt by separating their collision and flagging it as "INVISIBLE_WALL." I tested in-game to verify that this didn't break footstep or impact sounds on the tables. Works perfectly. Hopefully, Bethesda themselves will start using this, because they're still botching tables-with-benches as of Fallout 4.

Can I use just some of the tweaks?
Download the unmerged/unpackaged file and use mator's Merge Plugins Standalone to grab just the ESPs you want. You'll need to sort out and archive the assets yourself.

Why are all your mods prefixed with your name?
It's not all of them... I've been trying to get away from that these days, but in some cases, it's the only way to disambiguate a mod from others of its kind. Without my name, this is just "Tweaks." Not exactly searchable, is it? :\