Better lighting for Face Light and Facelight Plus by Sthaagg
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Better lighting for Face Light and Facelight Plus

Thank you all !! :)

Description :

The original face light was great but the shine was too strong, seemed aimed straight at your face. This mod provide a slightly tweaked mesh to make Face Light (Facelight plus shares same mesh) lighting more closer of portrait lighting photographic technique and makes face lighting less artificial.

The mesh used by original mod place the light directly at the front of the face, mine places it slightly at front and above, as a photographer do when he shots a portrait (see picture below)

You loose the intensity of the eyes but that is realistic and only seen when facing a light source head on instead of 24/7 (ex.facing a dark
wall...). It makes shadows and contrast a little bit softer, face more beautiful and reduces the white glowing nose effect.

Side effect : Dark version is more subtle and seems darker.

The difference is more noticeable in game than on the provided screenshot.

Results are very dependent of the enb preset and lighting mod you used.

How to install :

Install Face light or Facelight Plus.
Download my mod, overwrite if asked.

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Credit :
Thank to tktk1 for Face Light mod and to authorize me to publish this file.
Thanks to gundershot for Facelight Plus mod