Shurrashi's Den - Voodoo styled Player Home by ChaserTech
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I created this voodoo themed house mod for one of my Khajiit characters. However the more I worked on it, the more I wanted to create this into a public house mod. This is my first house mod so please note that it's no where near being
as good as I really want it to be. I did not mess with any scripts at all since I don't know how to implement them (so if you
ask for extra features involving scripts, I won't be able to do anything)

Since I created this house mod specifically for my character, I will not rename it if you ask me to. Please do not ask me to rename my mod if it bothers your immersion.

The house comes with an alchemy/enchanting station, blacksmith tools (anvil, tanning rack, grinding stone, workbench), and a cooking spit area. There's a custom soulgems container right about of the imbuing chamber (for making exploding spiders) along with two extra containers underneath the imbuing chamber itself.  The house is fully navmeshed, so you can bring your followers in without any major issues.
No key or quest is required to enter the cave, you can just walk right in.

A few things to note before using this mod

1) Navmeshing isn't perfect. Things should work fine for the most part but some issues are bound to occur.

2) The lighting is classified as indoor lighting and it's not really effected by the time of day all that much.

3) The skybox will be shown, since I set it as such.

4) The Hagraven Hut isn't properly seated due to uneven terrain. Will try to fix it whenever I can. The player may not be able to properly stand on the bed (if you want to pose and take screenshots)

Location of the House Mod

The house is located near Kolskeggr Mine in the Reach. Specifically around the KolskeggrMineExterior03 cell.
If you want to teleport into the cell directly, type in "Shurrashiden" without the quotation marks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "Why can't you rename the house mod?"
A. Because I made it and it was originally for my character.

Q. "Will you add 'x' as a future update?"
A. Most likely this mod won't updated since I believe this is the final version of it (plus I don't see anything else I personally want to add).

Q. "Are you going to port this for SSE/Console Users?"
A. No.

Q. "Can I reupload this to SSE Nexus/Console Users?"
A. Sure but you have to give me proper credit and let me know before you do. Also note that I won't give support to the SSE version (since I don't use it) if problems arise so you'll probably have to fix any issues if you do decide to port it.


Credit goes to:
Oaristys for Modder's Resource Pack
LorSakyamuni for Witcher's 3 Mega Resource Pack

Mods Used

Mods used for environment (off the top of my head, don't remember everything):
Vivid Landscapes
Skyrim HD
Parrallax 4k Skyrim
Noble Skyrim
TKRE ENB (can be found at in the ENB section)

Mods used for character:

Catlike Khajit
UUNP Bodyslide for body (7BO edited)
Custom Races
Book of UUNP fur/dragonbone armors
The Amazing world of Bikini armors
TDN Bosmer Skull Headdresses
Zarias Piercings (custom edit)
Winter is Coming (cloaks)
My own custom made Khajiit textures with custom warpaint (not available to the public)

She's not a follower and I don't plan on releasing her as one. Do not ask.