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This file contains a proposed worldspace for Skygerfall, mainly for use by those who want to help out with the project.  It was created using the modder's resource, "All Tamriel Heightmap" by Transbot9, Photoshop, TESAnnwyn and Oscape.  I have placed map markers indicating the approximate locations of Privateer's Hold, Gothway Garden, Daggerfall, Sentinel, Wayrest, Orsinium and the Direnni Tower.  No regions have been generated and no landscaping has been done.

The second image is a re-texture of the model for the Sentinel palace, placed as a test within the Skyrim worldspace.

If you are interested in the project, please view gameplay of Privateer's Hold:

Play through the opening dungeon:
Privateer's Hold - Skygerfall Proof of Concept

Privateer's Hold - Skygerfall Proof of Concept SSE

And send me a pm if you want to contribute!


All Tamriel Heightmap by Transbot9

The excellent tutorials by the Hoddminir project:

TESAnnwyn by Lightwave

Oscape by Ethatron