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Based on a Reddit r/skyrimmods request.

In the base game, dragon souls are used to learn shouts. However, once you've learned all of the desired shouts, remaining dragon souls are worthless. This mod changes that in a light weight manner by offering alternative methods which consume dragon souls for various benefits.


  • The¬†Soul Compress¬†spell can be used to convert dragon souls into Dragon Soul Gems. These gems are the equivalent of a filled black soul gem and can be further crushed into dragon gem dust at any forge for crafting of items with unique properties.
  • At any forge, a death amulet can be created. When worn, this amulet will protect the Dragonborn from death. But beware, the amulet will continue to consume souls as needed.
  • A number of new potions are available which have effects including: learn the next word of a quest locked shout, increase Magicka/Heath/Stamina by a configurable amount, and reduce shout cooldown.
  • Elemental gems can be smelted which when used apply an elemental cloak spell with corresponding resist.
  • Weapons and armor can be crafted to help the Dragonborn in his/her quest(s).
  • Crafting recipes are theoretical in Tamriel. Before the Dragonborn can even consider them, he/she must seek out an authority on dragons. They might be in possession of prior research.

Configuration is performed with a lesser power called Dragonborn Soul Configure which is automatically added. This spell will allow configuration of how many dragon souls are consumed, how many dragon soul gems are created, revival options, and the extent to which attributes are raised by the fortify potion.

Feedback and ideas on other useful features are welcome and encouraged. :)


Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLCs are required.


Drop the extracted archive to your Data folder, or ideally use your favorite mod manager.


Delete the .esp and scripts, or remove from your favorite mod manager.


The revival feature may conflict with other mods that change the essential and bleedout attributes of the Player reference.


This mod is crafting-oriented. The configuration power should be added automatically, and the Soul Compress spell is added from the configuration power, but any subsequent features depend on first learning the provided recipes and then using them. The recipes are "learned" by reading a book called On Dragon Souls which has been placed on Farengar's desk in Dragonsreach. Upon reading this book, a global variable will be set, and the recipes can be used at the standard smelter, forge, and cookpot.

Fair warning, the recipes may include troublesome ingredients for balance purposes, but they're not intended to be overly difficult to obtain.