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Rolands Manor is locked and you have to collect the key from a knapsack by the dead body found in the backyard.

Roland's Manor 3.0 dependent requires Cloud Storage with Crafting Centers 3.0 to work properly. This mod uses linked containers to safely store all items. There are local linked chests and Hobo linked chests.

Children's beds are located second floor and first floor, and are assigned to adopted children for a total of 4 kids. You need the HearthFire Multiple Adoption mod to move adopted children here.

There is a guest room on the lower level for two followers. You need the "My Home is your home Mod" if you want followers to live here.

The buttons on the wall of each child's bedroom allows the owner to change it to a guest room for a maximum of 6 followers no kids.

There is a merchant in the lower level. The bed in the merchant area is assigned to the merchant. The merchant has a sleep package, and can wander in the home, but doesn't have access to wander outside.

If the children's option is selected, the house will be compatible with the Hearthfire's multi adoption. The bless this home spell will acknowledge four beds for adoption. If these rooms are changed to guest bedrooms then, Hearthfire will not acknowledge it for children.

This mod works well with My home is your home mod, Hearthfire Multiple adoptions mod, and Custom Family home mod.

A custom spell has NPC followers remove armor when entering the bathing area or sleeping in the master bedroom. The spell to remove armor over the master bed can be toggled off if the player doesn't want it. Use the soul gem in the master bedroom by night stand to control the armor removal from the master bed.

Features with Cloud Storage include:
1. 11 Hobo storage containers that can access other Hobo containers in different locations.
2. Potion enhancer
3. Reading animation and reading effects
4. Relaxing Bath effect
5. Soap effect
6. New textures for blanket, sheet pillow, racks, plaques, rugs, pictures and other custom statics.
7. Table setting options
8. Four banners to choose select button by table master bedroom.
9. Return home spell
10. Drink, relax, translate, write, throne chair and worship animation.

The following are suggestions for ALL homes including in game homes.

1. Multiple Floors Sandboxing
2. Mannequin AI Fix

Recommended mods dependent on you game style:
My Home Is Your Home
Spouses Can Live Everywhere
Custom Family Home
Hearthfire multiple adoptions

Finally bury Roland, and enjoy the home.