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Roland’s Manor is locked and you have to collect the key from a knapsack by the dead body found in the backyard. Roland’s Manor is my take on a home that is perfect for a Dawnguard vampire hunter or a thief.

Inside there are plenty of statics that display some of the items found in the thieves’ guild and Dawnguard questline. Roland's Manor uses custom linked containers to safely store all items.

The following linked chest have two locations for drop off and pick up: weapons, armor, potions and ore.The Master bedroom is located second floor. Children's beds are located second floor, and are assigned to adopted children. The button on the wall in the Children's room allows the owner to change it to a guest room. There is also a guest room on the first floor for followers. A merchant can be found in the lower level. The bed in the lower level is assigned to the merchant.

If the children's option is selected, the house will be compatible with the Hearthfire's multi adoption. The bless this home spell will acknowledge two beds for adoption. If this room is changed to guess bedroom then, the Hearthfire will not acknowledge it for children. The guest bedroom option changes the beds on the second floor. This gives a player room for 4 followers if this room is changed to guest.

This home includes many idle markers for children and other NPCs. It doesn't control any followers, children or spouses. The player still needs the mods to control spouse, family and followers. There is a button by the fireplace to turn off the fireplace if needed, and there is a button in the lower level to control the bath splash. The button in the master bedroom changes the banner.  The button in the children's room changes it to a guest bedroom if the owner needs space for 4 followers.

A custom spell has NPC followers remove armor when entering the bathing area or bed. The spell last for 8 hours while they are in their bed or in the bathing area. This spell is not included in the children's room when the children beds are selected.The home provides plenty of room to display books, shields, and weapons. All your crafting needs are inside the home except the smelter which is located in the backyard. The shed should be able to provide shelter for two horses.

Inside the home there is also custom displays for mask, paragons, Elder Scrolls, Auriel Bow and Auriel Shield. 

What the home includes:

25 weapon racks
6 shield racks
12 weapon plaques
176 book display slots (4 Bookcases)
2 Winterhold College Book cases
3 large display cases
3 small display cases
3 mannequins
4 large Hearthfire trophy stands
2 small Hearthfire trophy stands
15 Hearthfire plant soils
All Dragon Priest Mask display busts
Elder Scrolls display holders
Paragon display holders
Auriel Bow display holder
Auriel Shield display holder
A portal that can be used to travel to other holds 

What is not included but should be used.

Multiple Floors Sandboxing:
Hearthfire display case fix:
Mannequin AI Fix (Complements USLEEP):

Optional depending on your game style:
Amazing Follower Tweaks
My Home Is Your Home - a mod for followers
Spouses Can Live Everywhere:
Custom Family Home
Hearthfire multiple adoptions:

Place the above mods just below the house mod on your load order.

Followers without sleep packages will not sleep on their own. If they don’t have a sleep package or you have a mod that overwrites their sleep time, you can use Amazing Followers tweak to command them to go to sleep. There is no way for the house mod to control your followers. The house mod just provides the correct beds, and markers.

Finally, there are some custom meshes and textures in this mod. However, if you are playing with several custom homes like I do, you might want to look at a texture overall for all furniture. That way one mod changes all the furniture in all your homes.