About this mod

Unofficial 21:9 Ultra Wide Support for the entirety of Original Skyrim

Permissions and credits
TruBy9™ Skyrim - Creating a True 21:9 Original Skyrim Experience!

Status: Currently Halted.

This mod is 100% standalone and DOES NOT require (nor does it work withFlawless Widescreen!

What does it do?

TruBy9™ converts load screens, sprites, 3D icons, and all HUD elements (including the Map and Star menu) to proper 21:9 aspect ratio, WITHOUT the use or need of Flawless Widescreen, by correctly patching the game's user interface assets.

The best part: TruBy9™ is fully compatible with SkyUI and includes it's own patched optional versions of MFG ConsoleBetter Dialogue ControlsBetter MessageBox Controls, and RaceMenu!

*Includes an ESP file attached to an INI that is required to be enabled to fix the scale of 3D Menu elements.

"TruBy9™  is much more than just a patch for Bethesda games. The end goal is that TruBy9™ will be a standard-in-quality label and open-source community collaboration with game developers ranging from indie to AAA titles, assuring overall support and proper scaling so players can enjoy their games on any number of displays, and in any resolution, they see fit. When players look for widescreen support and see the TruBy9™ label on titles, existing and future, they can rely on that guarantee of the TruBy9™ quality support standard." -ZaliaS

My Other Projects

TruBy9™ Fallout 4 - Creating a True 21:9 Fallout 4 Experience!
TruBy9™ SkyrimSE - Creating a True 21:9 Skyrim Special Edition Experience!


Updates are a "when available" kind of thing. I'm an active duty U.S. Army Infantryman currently stationed at Ft. Hood, so 90% of my free time is spent training, though I promise to make sure this mod stays updated to keep it current.

If you like what I do, then all I ask is for you to enjoy it, but if you happen to drop something in the tip jar before ya leave, then I thank you from the deepest part of my heart. You're welcome to become a patreon here.


Simply install with NMM. 

DON'T FORGET: edit your Skyrim4Prefs.ini file located in Documents\My Games\Skyrim, under [Display] section and add your 21:9 resolution:

iSize W=2560 ; whatever 21:9 resolution you use
iSize H=1080

For Fullscreen:

bFull Screen=1

For Borderless:

bFull Screen=0

For 90 FOV (Recommended as it is still a :9 aspect); locate Skyrim.ini in the same folder as above, under [Display] section change/add these lines:

fDefault1stPersonFOV=80 ;*Original Skyrim's engine depth is skewed by 10 twips, so an FOV setting of [80] is ACTUALLY true [90] hoizontal.


Recommended With TruBy9™

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