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Barely legal Chameleon teens ready to take on what you throw at them.

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Wujeeta a known Argonian who we know likes her skooma, was found in a back alley behind the Bee & Barb drugged and "attacked" years before she meets with the Dragonborn who cures her. Dealing with the pain of being taken advantage of and her addiction, Wujeeta continued her use of skooma not knowing she was pregnant until a few months after. When they were born Wujeeta was shocked to find that her twin daughters were (different). Showing traits of their father and their Argonian was of a Chameleon side. Wujeeta blames her skooma addiction and eventually begs the Dragonborn for a cure so this never happens again and she can keep her job. 

ALEXIA: The spellcaster as she is she is provident in dual wielding and can attack with utmost quickness. Like her sister she is quick (speed set at 155) and get the job done. Some skill bonus's are sneaking and pick pocketing a well know argonian trait. 

FAITH: Faith also a dual wielder has same skills as her sister Alexia and the same speed. When together they make an awesome sit back and have a sweet roll pair as I never lifted a sword in test runs. And their both just so cute to sit back and watch. 

INSTALLATION > Files were uploaded separately so you can pick n' choose who you want and what texture.
Just use NMM or manual to your tastes.

STATS > Both are height .95 and weight .30

Both have 500 Health, Magicka and Stamina

Speed increased to 155 (The included video proves I had a hard time keeping up with these two.

Weapons and or Spells > 

Alexia: Forsworn outfit and 2 lame daggers. Spells include fireball and frostbite.

Faith: Spells include Frostbite and Lightning Bolt. 

XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended
HDT Physics Extensions 

Armor for screens is below.

Modder's Note: I DO NOT have CBBE installed nor BodySlide for CBBE so cbbe users will have smaller boobs. If you want a body like yours just overwrite their meshes with ones you made in BodySlide. 


FairSkin Complextion UNP Base:By HHaleyy  UNP/CBBE

KS Hairdos Renewal 

Captivating Eyes

Feminine Argonian Textures (Chameleon and Lizard) by MONSTERaider Awesome looking textures!

Merta Assassin Armor UNP - CBBE by Deserter X - Mitosuke (Alexia's Armor) 

UNPB Pink Princess Outfit by gutris1 (Faith's Armor 

Nif Merge:By Turulo (Great little tool!)   

NifSkope (A great tool for viewing meshes before adding them in CK and other neat stuff)  

BSA Unpacker: By Wookie 

XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended

HDT Physics Extensions: By HydrogensaysHDT 

TES5Edit3.2: By ElminsterAU (For saving me from many, many CTD's and other crap)  

Bethesda for Creation Kit and of course Skyrim. 

Nexus for Nexus Mod Manager and everything else they do! 

Folgers for keeping me alive enough to create this mod!  


Amazing Follower Tweaks: By Dheuster (MANY, many tweaks for Followers including changing outfits) 
NOTE: Make sure AFT is at BOTTOM of LOAD order OR UNDER any followers or conflicts can arise. 

The Manipulator (Google This) can set followers essential or non-essential kill unkillable people (jarl's, etc) and many more features.