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The Shire is on the brink of disaster and it falls to an Outlander to determine its fate. Will it be conquered or liberated? The decisions of one traveler hold the answer.

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Welcome to The Shire! This mod is composed of a few basic features:

  • A player-choice oriented questline containing both good and evil branches, estimated total of 25+ hours of gameplay. Fully and professionally voice acted. Comedic and dramatic dialogue specifically designed to branch into multitudes of choices whenever possible.
  • A customizable hearthfire-style player Halfling-home. Dig out and create from scratch all the comforts of home.
  • An expansive Lotro-inspired Worldspace full of towns, camps, and various encounters to explore. Bigger than Solstheim and designed 100% by hand.
  • Over 6,000 lines of skillfully voiced dialogue. Six-freakin-thousand. Let that soak in.


All you need is the latest version of Skyrim and you're good to go! No dlcs, SKSE, or other mods required. Note that this is a big mod and downloading it may take awhile.

  • Any mod that adjusts the gate near Black Briar lodge.
  • Summerset Isle.
  • Update 2 adjusts LostKnifeHideout02, any other mod utilizing that cell will conflict. 
  • Update 3 fixes incompatibility with OBIS and others, and has no known conflicts aside from Summerset Isle and mods that edit the gate near Black Briar Lodge.

Patches and Add-ons:
Alternate Start Options
Unique Border Gates Patch

Follow the road behind Riften and passed the Black Briar lodge, towards the cave that starts Dawnguard. When you approach the border the first quest will begin.

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Know Bugs:
-Black faces on Rangers - This bug seems to occur randomly throughout the quest whenever the game has trouble loading the detailed mesh. A simple reload of save/cell usually fixes it.

-I have heard from multiple people that the mod is too large for nexus mod manager to download. Thus, I strongly recommend a manual installation.

-Grass sometimes floats in Tamriel after walking through the shire, don't be alarmed as these are simply members of the floral space program. Reloading your last save might fix this, if not the console command "TG" will toggle the grass off.

For Voice Acting:

Jon Michael Villagomez - Thormin
Laura Hardy - Byrsael
Stefan Martello - Durusc
Josh Bull - Forodant
Kuripa Chan - Tinruth
Shane Mitchell - Ruffians
Shannon Hobby - Halflings
SkinnyTecBoy - Halflings
Cliff Thompson - Durcoth

For Landscape:

-Hoddminir Flowers by Elinen, (Including models by Ztree, Vurt, and SparrowPrince from within the resource)
-Hoddminir Plants and Trees by Elinen, and Ztree (Including models by Vurt, SparrowPrince and Ga-Knomboe Boy from within the resource)
-New Plants by Tamira (Including models by Yughues from within the resource)
-Ztree's new rocks by Ztree and Elinen

For Clutter:

-Arie Manor Furniture by Arion
-Assorted Resources by Tamira
-Berts Bits And Bobs by berticus0001
-Building kits and other items by jet4571 Elianora
-Chessboard Resource by InsanitySorrow
-Insanity's Bales and Furrows by InsanitySorrow
-Insanity's Bath Towels by InsanitySorrow
-Insanity's Curtains by InsanitySorrow
-Insanity's Folded Blankets by InsanitySorrow
-Insanity's Headstones by InsanitySorrow
-Insanity's Lanterns by InsanitySorrow
-Insanity's Pillows by InsanitySorrow
-Insanity's Sofas and Chairs by InsanitySorrow
-Insanity's Table Cloths
-Insanity's Washing Stuffs by InsanitySorrow
-Modder's Resource Pack by Oaristys and Tony67
-Orient Set by Garnet18
-Physical Havok Barrels by YURIL
-Strotis Castle Furniture by Stroti and Tamira
-Stroti's Craftsmen Tools by Stroti and Tamira
-Stroti's Kitchen Tools by Stroti and Tamira
-Stroti's Rustic Furniture by Stroti and Tamira
-Stroti's Manor by Stroti and Tamira
-Stroti's Market Stands by Stroti and Tamira
-Stroti's Ovens by Stroti and Tamira
-Stroti Resource Pack by Stroti and Tamira
-Stroti's Spinning Wheel by Stroti and Tamira
-Stroti's Stilt House by Stroti and Tamira

For Exterior Buildings:
-Stroti's Castle Wall by Tamira and Stroti
-Stroti's Hobbit Hole by Stroti and Tamira
-Stroti's Lighthouse by Stroti and Tamira
-Stroti's Old Mill by Stroti and Tamira
-Stroti's Treehouse by Stroti and Tamira

For Armor:

-Rings Of Tamriel by MadNuttah

For Food/drink items:

-Addon Textures - Soup by Kjell Granlund
-Insanity's Food Stuffs by InsanitySorrow
-Resource extra food by bfadragon

For Animals/Creatures:

-Ducks and Swans by Kaizit and Tamira
-Mr. Siika Ravens and Vultures by mr_siika and Tamira
-Nexus Creature Resource by Gendundrup (Including models by CD Projekt Red, Newermind43, MuppetPuppet, FrankTheFish, and Hissssa from within the resource)
-Sheep Modders Resource by stormshallow
-Swift Steeds by fierymarigold
-VicnCreature Pack by Vicn

For Weapons:

-Insanity's Artifact Resource by InsanitySorrow
-Insanity's Iron Bow by InsanitySorrow
-Insanity's Shields by InsanitySorrow
-Insanity's Steel Bow by InsanitySorrow
-Insanity's Steel Shortsword by InsanitySorrow
-The Bastard by InsanitySorrow

For The Rangers:

-Improved Eye Reflections and Cube Map by fading signal
-Better males by Chris57 and FavoredSoul
-Eye Normal Map Fix by Mr Dave
-DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99
-SG Female Textures Renewal by Hello Santa
-XP32Maximum Skeleton - XPMS by xp32
-High Resolution Scars by Xenius
-LiEyes- Eye pack SA by LithiumFlower
-Eyes of Aber by Aberin
-Eyebrow Specularity Fix by Sooner266
-Beards by Hvergelmir (I was given exclusive permission by Hvergelmir to use his assets outside of These assets may not be used oraltered in any way without his explicit written permission.)
-KS Hairdos

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Special Thanks

Stroti, and Tamira – For permission to strip apart Stroti's Hobbit Hole resource, as well as everything you two have done for the TES community. One look at the resources list of this mod and it becomes obvious we would be nothing if not for your many contributions. My sincerest Thanks!
Tlaffoon– For stripping apart Stroti's Hobbit Hole resource into several pieces that made creating unique interiors (Such as Barg End, and the playerhome) possible.
QuieenieAngel– For designing the appearance of the shire Rangers. I simply couldn't have asked for better-designed characters to fit into our story.
Gerben Grave – For his help writing the story, characters, and quests the story and quests. The shire mod would not be nearly as expansive, nor professional, if not for his help.
LadyTyrell– For writing a novel in the mod; “The Rangers and the sea of Wrun”
Matth85– For designing the Halfling door model.
ErianDragonborn– For designing the Ivory Shrub in, and advice on shire lore.
Kerberus14– For scripting advice
Anikma– For designing the Gulfnimbol's cave interior.
SiennaGrace – For general texturing.
Chrisrr– For help testing and his many recommendations.
RenaAmethyst– For feedback upon initial Ranger's personality directions.
DDProductions83– For help and guidance on lod generation.
TheImmersion– For writing the track “Arriving”, which plays in the morning
BlackPlasma Studios/Aurora Sounds – For making their tracks royalty free. Long live RoTS.
RossBugden - Music - For making his tracks royalty free.

My deepest apologies if I missed anyone! If you notice any errors in the credits please inform me immediately so I can rectify it.

Hope everyone will enjoy!

Yours in modding,
Gabriel A. Johnson (TheBawb)