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I was tired of the small villages they called cities in skyrim, so I made this one HUGE.

The background story I had in mind when starting the mod:

The city is a very big, corrupted city with lot of rich peple but much more poor people.

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Just a qustion:
Is anybody really working on a mod that include this city/island?
If you are working on a mod with this resource in it, please let me know what you want to see in it so I can try to make it better, and please share your work (if you can, of course).


Version 0.0.20 is the last version I am about to upload for a long time, if I ever return to it again.
The good news are that I am working on a new island with a new city named Geonoa. I hope it will come out at least as good as this one.
Its taking too much time and effort, abandoned for now.

Version 0.0.21 is here! 

It  adds a new village on the small western islands, a little more details to the nature areas and a small addition and modification to the city.

The background story I had in mind when starting the mod (nothing really exist but in my mind):

The city is very big and corrupted, with lot of rich peple- but much more poor people.

Most of the people in the city do not believe in gods neither in daedras, sovengrad is just a far myth. And since nobody believe in any of the mention above, no one gives a damn about anybody else or think being a good person will lead him to anywhere good.

The player will get in the city and will have one of two (general) options:
1) Try to get in the high class, which involved politics, plots and sofisticated manipulating, walking in the halls of the palace, court, universty and the upper city. *
2) Connect with the local thieves and beggars, scums and murderers and make his way in the narrow streets of the docks district, middle city and lower city. **

Guilds in the city:
  • Thiesves guild- have a major influence on the city, exist in every corner of the city. some rumors even say that the mayor himself is part of the guild. But watch out- not everyone who claims to be a part of the guild is really a member- even if he wears the guild's armor! Since almost no one believes in gods or daedras, the nightingales are just high rank members of the guild, nothing more
  • Dark brotherhood- dosn't exist in the city. instead, there is a professional, non-pagan guild of highly skilled silent assassins. The legend says that they were a secret part of the blades, but excluded once the emperor decided he don't need any assassin organization. It will be very hard to trace them, not to mention join them.
  • Mages guild- there are only a few mages in the city, but they are old and not so powerful. or so people think...
  • Wariors guild- have a hold in the city, mostly in the docks district- where their base is, and in the upper city among the city government. have a strong connection with the city guard.
  • Sailors and merchants guild- a guild of mostly honest people that work hard, and respect the law. most of the time.
  • The Whisperers- a group of spies that sells information to anyone with enough gold in his pocket. from the poorest homeless beggar to the highest ranked officer in the guard through any member of any other guild, everybody is suspicious of being one of them.
  • Mechanics guild- a group of weird people, that always try to invent the next thing- a flying ship or a self driving wagon, but all they manage to invent is a lot of smoke and explosion that comes from their labs. Thats what everybody in the city will tell you.

*if the player is a member in the thieves guild, he will get the title "The white Wolf" when he finish this main quest.
**if the player is a member in the thieves guild, he will get the title "The black Rat" when he finish this main quest.
A player that have both titles, will get the title "The gray Fox".


The inspiration to this city is is of course Terry Pratchett's Ankh Morpork- hence the name One More Fork.

I was tired of the small villages they called cities in skyrim, so I made this one HUGE. 

Currently, the city is almost complete (lack some clutter), and the wilderness is complete but require some detailing. No interiors right now.
I hope I will have the time to update it.

I have been asked alot where this is located.
The answer is in another world- to get there you need to open the console command and type "COC <CellName>", for example- "COC OMFMainGate"
Cell name are:

Enjoy, and please give me feedbacks and share your ideas!