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A small home in another realm for religious playthroughs.

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First time building a home!

Made this for my paladin character and figured I'd share since I've gotten good feedback on other stuff I made for my paladin. :)

A small church/chapel type building located in its own small world so there no incompatibilities. You'll exit the return portal into the same place you originally cast a portal to enter. Portal disappears behind you once you exit the grotto.

Requires all DLC.

Special Edition Version.

What's inside?
  • Inside you'll find a small kitchen, enchanting & alchemy stations, some storage, a bed, and a bath. You'll also find 10 crystal balls near the door that allow you to choose a divine. Each crystal ball will install a shrine and some small decorations dedicated to that divine.
  • Cloud storage courtesy of General Stores. Master storage can be found as a barrel outside betweent he portal and the house or inside just to the right of the door.
  • Trapdoor to a display room is by the bed.
What's outside?
  • Outside you'll find some storage, a workbench, tanning rack, forge, chopping block, smelter, various ore deposits, a fish hatchery in a small pond, 9 plots of fertile soil, 3 apiaries, and a portal that leads back to the place you came from. (wherever that may be)

How to get there:
  • There's a spell tome on the floor to the left of the shrines in the Temple of the Divines in Solitude. Learn the spell. Conjure a portal. Head on over to Reverent Grove. 
  • Followers can now follow you through the portal.
Stuff that isn't included:
  • Extra beds
  • Daedra worship.
  • Yadayadayada. It's small. It's relatively simple.

ENB used in screenshots: Natural Lighting and Atmospherics