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Update: Optional file available that will make Caisa slightly taller from .82 to .89.

After grabbing some of the family gems, some armor and a dagger from her fathers' young hero days, Caiba began her venture from Markarth to find the Dragonborn and join up.
She sold the gems she had to the Khajiits just outside of the city for gold and some food and moved on.
A days travel, no sign of dragons.

Night fall came, becoming lost and disoriented, she camped by the side of the road, but later that night was captured by rogue bandits, then sold to be a slave in the Kolskeggr mine. Half starved to death and only a pickaxe to work with, they kept a close eye on her to make sure she would never escape.

News had spread that a barely 18 year old girl was being held as a slave, mining gold ore. Flyers were dispatched hoping the Dragonborn would hear the news and was headed that way. Townsfolk were very upset and even the Jarls of all regions of Skyrim put out a bounty for her safe return. They didn't even know if she was still alive or not.

Caisa regretted leaving home, but now she deals with the torment of her captures and the other evil miners who conspired to use her as bait to lure the Dragonborn.

"Death to the Dragonborn and all who trespass against us!" They chanted.

Caisa, Lea of Oeax and Willow
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Find Caisa in the Kolskeggr mine west of Markarth. Then just north around the upper loop. (see images). You will need to equip her with weapons and armor/outfit.

She is very quick with a bow and gets down and dirty at close range combat. Well, for an 18 year old.

Class: Combat ranger. Combat: 2H human boss.

Default equipment: pickaxe, torch, shiv, vanilla bow, 500 steel arrows, 10 gold ingots, skeever tail. <-----a piece of bread and skeever tail for dinner. Yummy!

Default clothes: Miners clothes.

Levels from 1-140. Age 18 Nord with vanilla young eager voice. Optional child voice.

Spells: Healing, fast healing

Perks: Lightfoot, agile defender, bullseye, eagle eye, paralyzing strike, impact, hack and slash, limbsplitter, quickshot, ranger, rage, quick reflexes.

Credits: Mikan Eyes, SG hairpackAIO

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