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My Nord OC Noveria, my Dunmer Janith, and my Breton Athenia as Racemenu presets.

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I got a few requests on my Bodyslide preset to upload my model, Novi, so here she is along with my two other favorites. In order for them to look as they do in the photos, you need the required mods listed below. You can use whatever skin texture you want but the presets may not look as intended when you load them up. 

KS Hairdos

Eyes of Beauty
SG Renewal Brows
Ethereal Elven Overhaul
Battle Hardened Warpaints

SG Renewal Textures (4k used in Screenshots)
Seductive Lips

1. Install through NMM or manually.

2. Load up your character and type showracemenu into the console. (or start a new game)

3. You need to set the correct race and gender before selecting the preset. For example, if you want to use Novi, set race to Nord and gender to female BEFORE moving to step 4.

4. Select the Presets tab on the top right and then F9 to load a preset. Select one.

5.Your character will likely look similar to the preset, but not exact. If this is the case, go to the Sculpt tab.

6. Import the head mesh for the preset you are using by pressing F9.



Q: Is this available for ECE?
A: No, I only use Racemenu and therefore have no experience with ECE. :(

Q: Help, my character doesn't look like the images!
A: Make sure you read the installation instructions, update Racemenu if necessary, and install all required mods. This is a very simple download so if you follow the instructions it is unlikely you will have problems.

Q: Can you make them into standalone followers?
A: At the moment, no. All my time is going into a different follower mod, but if there is a demand for it I will eventually convert them.

Mod Credits

ENB: Snapdragon Prime
Armor: The Amazing World of Bikini Armor
Body: Seductress Body
As well as all of the mods listed in requirements and recommendations.

I hope you enjoy! ♥