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A handful of simple crafting recipes for items other mods might require.

Permissions and credits
This mod contains little more than a handful of recipes for items which are generally useless in the base game but are useful due to other mods making use of them. For instance, many mods require you to have inkwells and quills to craft books and scrolls. Or they might require ruined books. This mod is intended as a utility resource for people using those mods.

Each recipe can be disabled individually in the MCM, which has FISS support. When you start a new character, if there is a previous game's settings file available, it'll automatically load that settings file after a minute or two without you needing to visit the MCM.

The two main differences between this mod and most others of its kind are its simplicity and its customizability. You can disable all but "Charcoal", "Inkwell", and "Quill" if those are the only three you need. If you have FISS installed, then save the settings, and you'll never see the items again, even in future playthroughs without re-doing the settings.

  • Bellows = Iron Ingot, Leather, Firewood
  • Hammer = Iron Ingot, Firewood
  • Inkwell = Iron Ingot, Charcoal
  • Tongs = Iron Ingot
  • Torch = Firewood, Linen Wrap

  • Charcoal x5 = Firewood
  • Cullet = Empty Glass Bottle (any variety, including an empty skooma bottle)
  • Glass = Cullet x5
Tanning Rack
  • Firewood x15 = Sawn Log
  • Linen Wrap = Tundra Cotton x3
  • Paper x5 = Firewood
  • Quill x2 = Hawk Feathers
  • Quill x3 = Hagraven Feathers
  • Ruined Book = Leather, Paper x5

Extra Features
There is also an option in the MCM to have a few of the recipes be a bit more realistic. In addition to the recipe changes, it will make paper weigh very little (0.01 pounds) and worthless (it would be worth about four cents if a gold coin was a dollar, but items can only have whole-gold values).
  • Ruined Book = Leather, Paper x200
  • Paper x200 = Firewood (This is much more accurate than it seems...)
  • Torch = Firewood, Linen Wrap, Horker Meat (The horker meat is used to provide blubber for the fuel a torch would realistically need.)

This is the big one for a mod like this, so I made sure to make it as compatible as possible. It doesn't modify vanilla recipes, items, crafting stations, lists, or anything. It will modify "Roll of Paper" if you opt to check the "More realism" option, but it's unchecked by default.

More specifically, mods which require these items include:
Extra Crafty
Caranthir Tower Reborn
Legacy of the Dragonborn
Skyrim Scroll Crafting
Equip-able Maps
Alchemist's Journal
Cloaks of Skyrim
Clean up your Corpses
Battle fatigue and injuries
Vigor - Combat and Injuries - This mod uses Linen Wraps and has its own method (tearing apart clothes) to get them. Simple Crafts would simply add another, likely easier, method of getting the wraps.
Yofisu Dragon Alchemy

Most scroll crafting mods

  • Hearthfires
  • SkyUI
  • SKSE: This is required by SkyUI anyway, but the mod also makes use of SKSE functions for the "More realism" option.
  • FISS (Optional): This will allow you to save and load your settings between characters.

Installing and Uninstalling
Simply install with a mod manager or drop the files into your game folder.

To remove, simply deactivate the file.

If you're paranoid about your save being corrupted, then here are the details: It waits a random number of seconds between 60 and 120 after the mod is first enabled to initialize (because it's not safe to run FISS at the same time another mod runs it, so I give those mods time to do their thing). If you want to be 100% certain you don't cause any problems, wait until this period is up (if you don't have FISS, then this doesn't happen, and if you do, then you'll get a notification when it's done saying it's loaded settings). This only happens once ever. If you don't want to wait, then don't. It only uses a single update (not a repeating one), so uninstalling the script won't hurt anything.

The mod is built to seamlessly update. Just replace the old version with the new one.

Known Bugs
Crafting a torch while you have none in your inventory and then equipping it will cause the torch itself to be invisible. Draw a weapon or spell to fix it. When I encountered this bug, I went and looked for other mods that crafted torches and found Craftable Torches. It's the most popular of its kind, and it has the same bug, so I'm currently assuming that it's either not (easily and safely) fixable or that people don't care much.

Future Plans
There are no active plans for things to add, but I wouldn't be opposed to doing so. Simply leave a comment about things you'd like to see in it.