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A comprehensive spring overhaul which adds green grass and flowers, spring trees, flower fields, and spring weather to Skyrim. Updated as of 10/5/18 with a few fixes

Permissions and credits
Spring Forest Overhaul

Description: This mod is a comprehensive spring overhaul for Skyrim making the following changes:

- heavy snow removed from pines, lighter snow on trees in the mountains, Winterhold and Northern Coast
** Version 2.0: overhauled northern coast with more trees and less snow
** Version 2.0:  removed blowing snow, snow piles, and snowdrifts from all snowy areas near the snowline
** Version 2.0:  removed most of the floating ice and icebergs from the northern coast

- removed ice in Hjaalmarch swamp, Windhelm harbor, and floating ice and icebergs on the northern coastline

- adds spring grass and flowers 

- adds flower fields to Skyrim (this overhaul incorporates the mod Flower Fields)

- adds 1000's of new trees and forested areas (this overhaul incorporates Fantasy Forest Overhaul)

- changes aspens in The Rift to green and pink (cherry blossom)

- some snowy areas have red "weirwood" inspired aspens 

- increases the the hours of daylight (earlier sunrise and later sunset)

- reduces the chances for snowy weather and increases the chance for rainy and sunny weather everywhere in Skyrim

- landscape and some building textures are now green

- adds some mushrooms to the swamp in Hjaalmarch

Skyrim Legendary Edition (all DLCs)

Realistic Water 2
Vivid Weathers
TES Legendary Cities 
Northern Towns
2K textures or Noble Skyrim (good idea to install these first)
Want even more green flora and no snow?  Then install Green Skyrim THIS IS NOT REQUIRED!

PLEASE ENDORSE IF YOU LIKE THIS MOD!  A little thank you keeps me motivated for making more mods

use mod manager or install manually

- only install ONE MAIN FILE!   If you plan to generate LOD with DynDOLOD or TES5LODGen then you ONLY need the core files plus billboards.  

- make sure to check grass settings in Skyrim ini file (see below)

- novice modders: uninstall or deactivate your current grass and flora overhaul before using my mod 

- LOAD ORDER: this mod should be loaded AFTER any weather and grass mods

- NOTE ON PERFORMANCE:  1-2 FPS loss has been reported by users with the Performance versions of this mod.  If you have an old PC i highly recommend using the performance version of this mod.  Please let me know about how this mod affected your FPS and gameplay by posting in the comment thread


- I do not suggest using this mod with other grass or flora overhauls.  This mod will overwrite most of the changes other grass and flora mods make, thereby cluttering your data folder and slowing down your game by running active plugins that basically do nothing.
 Of course experienced modders can ignore this and customize as they see fit

- If you insist on using other grass and flora overhauls, install my mod after others to see spring like changes.  Also make sure Spring Forest Overhaul is placed after all other grass, weather, and landscape overhauls.  YOU MUST RUN DYNDOLOD OR TES5EDIT WHEN MIXING LANDSCAPE OVERHAULS.

- WEATHER:  load this mod after all other weather mods to have longer days and higher chances for
sunny/rainy weather (less snow). 

- GRASS:  Make sure you have the following grass settings in your Skyrim ini file:

iMinGrassSize=50  (lower values produce more dense flowers but reduce performance and FPS so try different values until you are satisfied)


1.0: initial release (forgot a reach tree texture in the fantasy edition!)

1.1 FANTASY edition: fixed missing reach tree texture for fantasy editions

1.2 FANTASY edition: fixed missing aspen texture

1.1 REALISTIC edition: fixed tree LOD for mismatched and incorrect billboards

1.1A REALISTIC edition: correct RAR files uploaded

Added Climates of Tamriel version in miscellaneous section

1.3: added hotfix for DynDOLOD users that removes some un-used trees that were causing errors.  This is only necessary for DynDOLOD users to avoid errors

2.0:  major update:
-  combined aspects of both fantasy and realistic versions into one overhaul
- added green snow grass
- added more types of pines and deciduous trees
- fixed all wild edits and deleted references
- overhauled more areas including northern coast
- regenerated the distant terrain landscape to match all changes
- new landscape textures
- reduced amount of loose files in favor of bsa
- removed unnecessary files

2.1: fixes include
- fixed a few bad nifs
- optimzed all billboards with correct dimensions
- disabled giant red tundra bushes growing all over Whiterun 

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Vurt: for the realistic landscape, tree and bark textures 
HiltsBrandon: for the cherry blossoms and other textures for the fantasy version
Tamu75: for the aspens used in the realistic version
Mentha: for the textures used in the fantasy version
Elenin: for the beautiful flower assets and Hoddminir Landscapes
Zilav: for the billboard generator and TES5LODGen
Ga-Knomboe Boy for textures from the amazing gkbgreentree resource
David for David's trees