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Adds nearly 20 new teas. Variety is spicy and all that. Now with Frostfall support!

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This mod adds nearly twenty new teas. Some can be crafted (at a cooking pot, and also sold at apothecaries) and some are only able to be bought at inns. Either way, I tried to make each one unique. All of them are based off of real teas (seriously, look up "blooming flower tea", they're neat!)

One tea is found only at the Blue Palace, based off of the Butterfly Pea Flower tea, which is naturally blue.

If you have trouble getting any of the inn-bought teas to show, or if they cause other mod-added inn drinks to not show up, try using Wrye Bash.

There is an optional file in the downloads section for Frostfall users which makes the teas reduce exposure for a few minutes, courtesy of xxNurkxx!